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  1. Miss the busy crowned sky don't ya ? let forms a group of people and get this thing done and org.
  2. I missed the eastern wind too , Let 's organize an EW for 2010
  3. Mohd, would you like to send your application again, at the same time please cc it to [email protected]
  4. nice to See VACC is havin a blog to public .
  5. thx that's the answer i was looking for.
  6. Thanks for Richard's explaination, but i am too stupid to keep it working. So Michal, as you just explained how it work but i still have a problem here. take a look again it's 40160N not 5530N (it's a trans-pacific route not a oceanic route), what kind of format will it fit to the 5 digits format by 40N160E.
  7. sAME QUESTION HERE: VHHH-KLAX DCT OCEAN ENVAR M750 MORSU M750 MOLKA M750 IMPAL M750 MJE A590 KAGIS OTR11 GARRY 40160N 42170N 44180N 45170N 45160N 45150N 43140N 40130N DACEM PAINT PIRAT AVE FIM SADDE ERROR:ERROR: Unknown airway/waypoint 40160N ERROR: Unknown airway/waypoint 42170N ERROR: Unknown airway/waypoint 44180N ERROR: Unknown airway/waypoint 45170N ERROR: Unknown airway/waypoint 45160N ERROR: Unknown airway/waypoint 45150N ERROR: Unknown airway/waypoint 43140N ERROR: Unknown airway/waypoint 40130N ERROR: Unknown airway/waypoint DACEM ERROR: Unknown airway/waypoint PAINT ERROR: Unknown airway/waypoint PIRAT ERROR: Unknown airway/waypoint AVE ERROR: Unknown airway/waypoint FIM ERROR: Unknown airway/waypoint SADDE What's the problem with 40160N
  8. What a powerful program !!!!!! You guys did a great job on it...... However there were a problem when i was checking out the ATC booking. when i added a position call HKG_V_CTR, it said this position was not recongnize. But Basically ATC's for HKVACC does not online as VHHK_CTR , they only online as HKG_V_CTR.
  9. according to Gilbert's performance i would like to request all pilot who had read this post to fly online during his examination at VHHH. Please show him your skill to the exam controller. Here are the detail below: Date and time:20th August Sunday 2130 HKT / 1330Z. Airport: VHHH (IFR/VFR) Emergenct not approved IFR local trainning is highly recommanded for testing controller skills. VFR traffic must obey http://hkgfir.vatasia.net/doc/ HKVACC's listed rules. This test was expecting at lease 10 traffics inbound or outbounds. Voice and text are also welcome to take a flight on this test. You were all welcome to give suggestion for this examination. PLease put your name and callsign down here in order to make sure that this test will be on progress
  10. Your welcome sir , inside this Asia society i belive all FIR should have a chance to start their event
  11. hmm....... looks pretty interesting i might call for the VTBD _CTR
  12. why not we just do that earlier , 2ndly , on Jan2-jan5 people need to work early , student need to go school after a happy holiday , why not we start it on the public holiday or weekend.
  13. well since i just moved to Seattle so i might be able to take over at mid-night , so do u guys know when this event about to start ? anyway i will be so glad to online and work for the duty of HKG_V_CTR . Of course , opening the Mainland is a good point to talk about , and some of us want to make that step too but the mainland china ATC might be diffcult to stay on , cuz we don't have enough staff to organize it , the point is RCTP / VHHH FIR doesn't have enough staffs to transfer the ATC to the mainland , 2ndly not much people know how to fly inside there ,what i mean is kind of hard to push them or make the pilot fly there , if the ATC there no pilot there that will be a waste. But please mind me to ask a foolish question ,what kind of service we want to provide in this event , a non stop CTR and full staff service ? or just fill out the whole China airspace with the CTR ? Of course, everyone knows the answer ,we want a non-stop ATC + full staffs service in some of the Intl. airport , this is such a 25cents question right ? So how can we provide a full staffs service in mainland , even we don't have extra ATC for mainland . Then let's us think about on this way , Mr. Jewon Lee , your idea looks working , but staying 8 hrs might be long , so how about we make it two days and 4 hrs each day ,they can be seperated to different day ; then we can encourage the pilot /VA to fly like a group flight in a service hours , no matter Hong Kong , Japan or even RPLL FIR. we make a plan , time schedule and they fly it. p.s it is just an idea and what i though about it , if you think there are more solution that is much better or may be i was wrong on some point view please raise your hand and speak up . We need more and more people to give us suggestion to make the improvement .
  14. yea that's what i am thinking to do , i am planning to do this with the BIG asia event
  15. yea let's do it did you read my topic that i posted on last week (Let's relight the KAi Tak13) ? well that is me and Gary's suggestion about the event , we are always looking forward to held an event and we wanna relight the whold asia
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