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  1. Hi Dennis, I've experienced the same. I was told by some other ZNY guys that it is a TeamSpeak issue. Run TS as administrator, that fixed it for me. My understanding is that it has nothing to do with the radar client. (I don't use vSTARS and it still happened).
  2. People want to abandon text whereas in the real world, they are moving MORE towards text 😉
  3. I believe this is still happening. Whether its ATIS I put up or any of my colleagues, pilots consistently reporting no voice coming through. Cheers
  4. Kirk, that VatSys looks amazing! Congrats to the dev team. Many countries use Eurocat so I’m sure we’ll have lots of happy vACCs on the network once they get their profiles set up!
  5. Glad you had fun! The NY-BOS corridor is a very popular one on VATSIM with high ATC presence! Good choice :)
  6. TCAS RA will always override ATC instructions. The Uberlingen crash in 2002 where 2 aircraft collided mid-air actually highlighted this exact question.
  7. Exactly. And the ''zzzz'' can apply to lots of things. Lets say your aicraft doesnt have an ICAO identifier, you would put ZZZZ in that field with a remark in a similar fashion.
  8. Same in NY area. Lots of routes below 10000 (JFK-PHL for example)
  9. Luckily you can still use the free text editor for FPL validation on the NOP public site.
  10. France low sectors: https://www.cypouz.com/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/article/aeronautique_-_secteurs_de_controle_-_acc.jpg?itok=yWByQZZX France high sectors: https://www.cypouz.com/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/article/aeronautique_-_secteurs_de_controle_-_uac.jpg?itok=PqYMHLjM And from VATFrance: http://www.vatfrance.org/images/image_forum_vatfrance_1546536107_SoP_UIR.jpg
  11. Maybe Pierre ! You might be right After all it was very late! It just seems like that’s a lot of work for just an April 1st joke
  12. NAT High Level Airspace is from FL285-FL420 in this region Check the Transport Canada AIM, there is an entire NAT section. Also includes stuff on polar ops. https://www.tc.gc.ca/media/docomeents/ca-publications/AIM_2018-2_EN-ACCESS.pdf
  13. https://ops.group/blog/tag/clipperton-fir/ http://dca.clipperton-gov.co/
  14. Yes, the ideal would be that everyone has the same winds. (It would help ATC a lot during events). The reality is that users can choose to fly with whatever weather they want, so naturally, you're going to have that discrepancy.
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