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  1. Hi Anastasios, Did you send that email yet? I am yet to receive anything Cheers!
  2. Email sent including you. Look forward to controlling in SE-Asia!
  3. Tried emailing with no response (3 weeks ago). Could you check the email address isn't bouncing emails away please.
  4. Alex, It may be more beneficial to leave this feedback also over at the vZID ARTCC feedback form located here Cheers!
  5. It is AF1. Here is the ATS FP I found a while ago from what looks like a Eurocat screen.
  6. Loggin in as Melbourne Centre (Snowy Sector) utilising Jake Saw's awesome TAAATSMod. Here I am tracking 2 aircraft shown in the Jurisidiction window, and also showing off the CPDLC component of the plug-in .
  7. Are we not allowed to give constructive criticism? Just because the person who puts the photo up thinks it strong criticism against the photo itself, many can see it as constructive criticism. One person will see it as constructive criticism, one may not.
  8. Some Airbusses don't have the latest MCDU software therefore needing a seperate ACARS/CPDLC console. Also some 757's/767's have it aswell in the pedestal. See pictures below. Although I don't know what Darrol is on about with a generic looking thing as they look completely different.
  9. Yeah I think it would be alot more easier if it was just one client for the pilot side aswell. I find that with all three open it clutters my task bar and I can't minimize the icons to the system tray.
  10. I will certainly consider bringing this into the CZYZ FIR for use as PDC, and will continue using it as PDC and CPDLC for oceanic. Spread the word, that's the only way this can get better. Hi Jody, Just one suggestion. I suggest you put something along the lines of "CPDLC available login CYQX" just so the pilot knows what your login is, rather than going to look on the hoppie.nl website.
  11. 1) Yes more than one controller in the FIR can use hoppies CPDLC. You are correct and you must use different login names so CYQX1 CYQX2. 2) It benefits the controller so in clearance delivery phase where aircraft can just get PDC and rather than cluttering the frequency reading back the whole clearance they can just say "Qantas 12, cleared Los Angeles, 16R, Sydney 3 Departure, Code 3367 on bay intl 9". Also they can give pireps for spot wind checks, high level turb etc without cluttering the frequency where more important things need to be said to non-equipped ACARS aircraft"Descend flight le
  12. Your login to the ATC ACARS client should be the 4 letter ICAO code for the FIR. So it would be CYZY/CYQX. On VATSIM in Australia we just YBIK/YSNO as our login codes but in r/l I believe they use YMMM/YBBB respectively due to the large amount of sectors in r/l compared to VATSIM. Also with your remark about not using CPDLC on Oceanic. Why is this? In real life, if the aircraft is ACARS equipped which most are, they prefer to give their pos reports through CPDLC or other things that they want to request. I certainly would to . For example on transfer from Centre to Radio, "Qantas 17, ident
  13. To add to this, you will be [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned the "Sydney 3" departure if you cannot comply with the required climb gradient on the RIC2/KAMPI1 departure chart. Usually the 777's that go to LAX can make the gradient, however the 747's find it hard to meet the gradient, therefore needing the SYD3 departure.
  14. Gday Everyone, Just wondering does anyone know where i can grab up to date charts for Bauerfield (Port Vila) Airport in Vanuatu. ICAO: NVVV. I have found charts but these are way out of date, dating back to 2002. If someone could provide me with some links it would be great. Regards, James
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