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  1. Come and fly your choice of aircraft across the US in our TRANSCON event, featuring live controlling from Center City Philadelphia! Fly real-world flights or make up your own. This event features LAX, SFO, SEA, DEN, LGA, EWR, and JFK! Sign Up Slots still available at https://hq.nyartcc.org/en/booking/pilot
  2. Please come out Friday Night November 2 for KPHL - Philadelphia FNO 7:30pm to 11:30pm ET
  3. The issue with the VATUSA website due to some issues with the server. Our data services provider has been notified of the issue and they are working to resolve the issue. I do not have a timeframe of when our site will be back online at this point.
  4. It is nice to see positive comments. Thank You and enjoy flying on the network.
  5. I understand your frustration. Something that may help you with this. I use Simbrief for flightplanning and in the flightplan it specifies the boundaries. ie. AA 683/02 OCT/MEM-DFW Page 4 FLIGHT LOG ---------- MOST CRITICAL MORA 03400 FEET AT TOC///MXSHR 02 AT TOC -------------------------------------------------------------------- AWY FL IMT MN WIND OAT EFOB PBRN POSITION LAT EET ETO MORA ITT TAS COMP TDV
  6. Callum, obviously you must be disgruntled about something. Guilty as charged. I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned the previous Division Director as Director Emeritus. I done this for a variety of reasons none of which I regret. First off as a show of respect to somebody who dedicated 5 years of their life to this hobby and the countless um-appreciated hours that went with that. The second reason was to act as a consultant or provide insight or sound advice when requested. I guess perhaps such a title is not warranted but in the case of VATUSA it is more than deserved. On another note, my pred
  7. Im just happy that progress is being made. I think these are exciting times for our community.
  8. The voice codec is obviously a big factor. I really do not have the expertise to offer anything on how to fix or resolve this but I am happy that the team has made some progress. Pilot Training seems to be a big issue with some people. I honestly ride the fence on this somewhat but what I would like to see and something that I am working on is perhaps a more involved pilot community. I am not talking about VA's but more on a Division or perhaps regional level. I think the interaction between pilots and controllers could be beneficial as opposed to the interaction when both are online
  9. Brandon, I want to first of say that I am sorry that your experience on that particular flight was not the best for you. I think the Training Administrator has explained that Los Angeles does in fact border Denver so that explains your initial concern. I am also glad to hear that as a virtual pilot you are cognizant of what is going on with regards to ATC procedures etc. You have had responses from three people who are real world aviation professionals. Shane is a real world controller as is Ryan Geckler and Dhruv is a pilot and I believe he is also involved in ATC. I think that each
  10. Might I suggest if you haven't already enroll in the VATSIM P1 Pilot Training Program.
  11. If your FSX Crashed and you had to restart the flight, depending on how long it took you to log back on, I would recommend just contacting the controller and asking him if you need to refile. The system will keep your flightplan for a while or you can just request another clearance and if the controller has it he will inform you.
  12. Deputy Division Director - VATUSA 2 Tony Jeppeson (formerly VATUSA 7) Division Conflict Resolution Manager - VATUSA 4 Ira Robinson (formerly VATUSA 2) Training Director - VATUSA 3 Brandon Barrett Western Region Air Traffic Director - VATUSA 7 Brayden Manzella Please join me in Congratulating each of them in their new roles.
  13. Thank You Don for your p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ion, dedication, wisdom and vision. Im not going to say good times because there are more of those to come. Wishing you well and Thank You
  14. Since I am directly responsible for the creation of the VATUSA CBT's, I will respond to each concern in addition to providing a brief history of the current VATUSA Training Program. The very first thing to understand is that the VATUSA Training Program is currently still under development. A Strategic Plan for VATUSA Training as a whole was presented almost a year ago to VATUSA Division outlining the program in its entirety. A Town Hall style meeting occurred on September 26, 2016 where the initial idea of the program was suggested by a very respected member of the VATSIM Community who
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