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  1. This Friday we invite you to join us for Friday Night Flights (FNF)! This Friday's destination is San Diego's Montgomery-Gibbs Exec Airport (KMYF). KMYF is a perfect field to bring your bizjets for a fun weekend of sun and fun in beautiful San Diego! So fire up that Bizjet or take your personal prop VFR this Friday night (US-New York East Coast Time - EST) into KMYF landing between 0100z and 0130z (Friday, 9:00-9:30 PM US-EST Time). The goal of FNF is for everyone to fly into a selected airport, in the participating FNO area, arriving around a pre-selected time! An arrival time will be po
  2. Just fly VFR into the focus field from a non-controlled departure airport - - problem solved! Or do as Richie does!
  3. I just can't figure out why you need to slow someone who is 4,000 feet above and 70 knots faster than someone 15nm ahead of him when both aircraft have 800 nm left in their respective flight plans? Seems to be a pandemic on VATSIM lately. We are up in the big blue so we can go above and below each other, why slow us all for some ridiculous in-trail spacing that is not needed at all and actually ends up causing more problems?
  4. I rarely ever know where I'm flying 5 minutes before starting the sim. What's the point? I get it, some like to prefile, it does nothing for me, other than adding an unnecessary additional step outside the sim. I'll simply continue to file in the sim while I've already got vPilot open to connect.
  5. Yes, but that's just another step, outside the sim. I have to open vPilot as it is, when flying, so why file on a web site when I can do it in game, while already opening vPilot as it is? I guess we all have our own, specific way of doing things and using vPilot to file is simply faster and less things to do outside of the sim, in web browsers, which I try to keep to a minimum. That said, glad to see VATSIM's updates as long as they don't cause issues such as the ridiculously long equipment code on radar clients, LOL!
  6. I do use Simbrief - - have never prefiled (or should say, very rarely prefile) on VATSIM. I just don't see a need for it when I can simply copy the flight plan into vPilot and hit "file FP" in a matter of seconds.
  7. I just file my FP via vPilot or xPilot - - never even noticed an updated prefile page... Seem like a lot more hassle than just filing via the client.
  8. I admittedly haven't read the responses to this post, however MSFS's response to the "concern" with their "Live Weather" is alarming. It sounds like they have some nerd programmer who has convinced Asobo/MS that they don't need METARS to produce weather. Their own, unique algorithms will do a much better job. Problem is, they aren't even close to real world conditions. If they had some super-special-awesome weather prediction system they would have already put every single meteorologist out of work! They need to stop this BS and implement real world observations - - AKA METARS!
  9. Not surprised by this announcement at all - - not sure why it wouldn't work. Heck, it almost works as is now and it's still simconnect so if it didn't work out of the box I think you would have to be worried about VATSIM's future. Now, as to the new sim...well...
  10. I don't think this has anything to do with xPilot as vPilot is doing the same thing.
  11. I'm having zero luck using FLAi in P3D v5 with vPilot as well.
  12. I sure did miss that. Thank you for the help.
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