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  1. Had the same issue today and this thread solved my question. Thanks!
  2. Awesome work, Slammin Sammy! You put a lot of hard work into this project, and I'm sure that you'll be recognized.
  3. Vatsim Community, Event Website :: http://www.crossthegulf.com As some of you may know, Cross the Gulf is tomorrow(Jan 8th). The event is an Approved Vatsim Charity Event. During the event, we will be raising money for Crohn's Disease. For every flight that is flown, $3 will be donated towards the Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America. The reason why I organized this was because I know that this community can come together to make a difference in people's life. Ive been in the hospital since September 22nd and I'm so grateful for the doctors and supporters who saved my life; which
  4. Weather at La Guardia is getting very nasty, and I hope you're up for the challenge! Spirit Virtual Airlines would like to invite the Vatsim Community to join us tonight as we fly from Fort Lauderdale to La Guardia. Push back time is 9:30pm Eastern. Hope to see you all there!
  5. Come join Spirit Virtual Airlines! We have a great group of pilots, with destinations all over North America. www.spiritva.org
  6. Do you have an estimated amount of pilots that will be participating in this event?
  7. This was a picture I took while working New York Approach on ATC-Sim.com.....
  8. Event :: Cross the Gulf Westbound 2012 Date :: January 8, 2012 Time :: 2300z-0400z Event Website :: http://www.crossthegulf.com Cross the Gulf Westbound 2012 is finally here. Traveling from east to west across the Gulf of Mexico, pilot will be enjoying a wonderful flight. Cross the Gulf is one of the biggest events that exist on the network, and it gets better every time. There are 12 featured routes for pilots to fly. The booking system is open, so please be sure to book your departure slot! This event will be raising money to help find a cure for Crohn's Disease. Char
  9. You should probably notify Alex Evins, the NYARTCC Events Coordinator, this way he can arrange to have controllers online for the event. [email protected]
  10. The New York Flying Club is a great VATSIM Virtual Airline that consist of general aviation flying in the NY area. As far as simulating ownership and whatnot, I'm not too sure. www.newyorkflyingclub.net
  11. Funny that I saw this. I have the same exact issue as well....
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