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  1. I have FSX and vista. I originally installed FSX and i had no issues with virtual momory. Then i installed [Mod - lovely stuff]loads of freeware airplanes to the point FSX took decades to load. I got tired of that and so I tryed deleting freeware aircraft i didnt like.. ended up deleting the handglider which is a FSX default so now FSX took even longer to load due to the fact that it had its main aircraft deleted. So i decided to reinstall FSX but for some reason i forgot to do a clean install. After that i started having virtual memory errors. So I increased the virtual memory size to 9
  2. ctrl+c ctrl+f ctrl+v are your friends in this. i got 40% without reading or using the website (i was just seeing how much i know). Then i was 1 question off using the ctrl+c ctrl+v technique and after i read everything i got 92%
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