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  1. I reached out to the developers for getting things up to speed with Gardermoen, but they were to busy with other airports at the time. As I understood then it wasn't as simple as just editing the text files but there was also some hardcoding to be done. As I understand from VATUK forums, one or more of the developers has been suspended from the Network, and as such the plugin is more or less dead. Can still be used, but no further developing. BTW it is more or less a requirement that all controllers in the same area use it otherwise it may/will overwrite scratchpad info for others and
  2. Hello community I'm currently designing the radar section of our sector file. I have 9 Primary radars and 24 Secondary radars spread out across the country. As you can understand this gives us different coverages for PSR vs MSSR. My current plan is to create one set of holes for the PSR's, and another set for the MSSR's, but how would this work when I set for instance: HOLE: :: PSR Hole:10000:0:0 MSSR Hole:0:0:10000 Where the holes are partially overlapping. As you can see in this image. The red sector is where my PSR's are blind, and the green sector is where the MSSR's are
  3. As per the ES wiki for ESE files: If a pilot has filed a FPL with the SID points in his plan it will be selected. Also if you set 27R as the active departure runway in ES that one will be selcted as long as 26L is not set as departure rwy
  4. WGS84, Geographic Lat/lon. Just be advised that if creating shapes far north/or south you will have a prettey stretched out picture while editing. Myself I've been using WGS84 UTM33 while editing ground layouts in Norway. When finished I reproject to Geographic before exporting to KML files and use the euroscope convert tool found online
  5. Some airports IRL require you to file a flightplan in order to fly to and or from the airport. And some airports also prohibts training circuits. Some controllers like to simulate this on VATSIM as well, although myself and many other try to accomodate circuits as long as traffic permits. I know that we on vatsim aren't allowed to refuse pilots flying, but on busy times on larger airports it would be hard to do the circuits as IFR have priority over VFR and likely would need to expect a lot of holding. Just remember filing a flightplan doesn't necessarily mean you have to prefile it.
  6. Why wouldn't it be? As long as you have radio communications with ATC or UNICOM. And technically, isn't everything on flight simulator UAV-flying as you are operating some sort of aircraft remotely through your monitor?
  7. Pretty straight forward if you follow the wiki: http://www.euroscope.hu/mediawiki/index.php?title=Tower_simulator If you also add the effects folders to every aircraft you can simulate fire, lights and so on
  8. You need at least euroscope version 3.2 beta r12 for it to work. The model info parsing was introduced with r12 version http://euroscope.hu/installbeta/changes.html
  9. Okay last update After hours of pulling my hair on this, I finally googled myself to msconfig, and spent the evening de-/activating services and startups. I narrowed it down to Nahimic 2. An audio software installed along my audio drivers. So evidently as long as Nahimic is running, Euroscope just don't work.
  10. Update: I'm able to run ES 3.2 beta r17 with the plugins in Safe mode, just not in normal operations... Will test some steps for troubleshooting here: https://support.microsoft.com/nb-no/help/929135/how-to-perform-a-clean-boot-in-windows tomorrow.
  11. Okay, new update. I went to the steps that I did a new clean install of windows 10 in order to check it off the list. - Installed drivers - Installed AntiVirus - Installed all C++ redistributables from 2005 up to and including 2015 (2017 can not be installed side-by-side with 2015) - installed/activated .net framework 3.5 (Including .NET 2.0 and 3.0) -put my antivirus in standby - right click on ES installer to run as admin --> No run as admin option - Used a guide online to activate this admin-option for .msi installer through regedit - Ran ES installer as admin --> got m
  12. Hmm Tried installing ES on my tablet also running WIN10. Ran immediatly also with r17 beta. I'm beginning to believe it might be something wrong with my laptop and windows install :/ Luckily it's not that long since I reinstalled windows, so I won't loose much if I reinstall again even though it's quite som work :/ BTW my system is a MSI GP62MVR 7RF Leopard Pro. Windows reinstallation was done as I upgraded to 32GB of RAM and a 500GB SSD.
  13. Well. I'm using windows 10, so all the .NET Frameworks are supposed to be installed. I can't find them in the Add/Remove programs list, but checking the regedit as well as with a .net checker it says they are installed. I tried repairing the frameworks following a couple of online guides not doing anything. Tried to download the installers, but they only ask if the have run correctly. Also as stated in the WIKI, the ES installer shall prompt for framework if not present in system.
  14. As stated initially. The malfunction is immediate if I install beta. Also plugins are good as I had this up and running before reinstall.
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