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  1. Hi, i`m back to a VATSIM, and helping Ashfaq Ahmed to make all ATC instruction docomeent, he is working on Site. I would like to know for where to begin. I mean, to creat a division, got a staff list and start with events and ATC lessons.
  2. Bruno, bem vindo a VATSIM. Peço que você se cadastre no forum de nossa divisão: http://www.vatsimbrasil.com/forum/index.php Lá irá incontrar essa e outras respostar. Abraços!
  3. Bem vindo meu amigo, bem conheci você na TAMv e semnpre que prescisar de alguma ajuda aqui na VATSIM, sera um prazer. Somente para lembrar, visite nosso forum da VATBRZ, lá debatemos [Mod - Happy Thoughts]untos sobre tudo que acontece por aqui . Abraços e fique a vontade!
  4. Well... The sector file to OPLR_CTR position is done.... But i need finish the POF
  5. Well, i begin to make the Sector file... is very easy....
  6. Sr, i have permission to position there ? Tanks!
  7. Yes, i really want begin to control there, first because i'm pilot of vPIA, and second because i know somethings about Pakistan airspace and i'm studing for more knowlegge about pakistan. But i'm S3, and need to be C1 to begin into OPLR_CTR position, because if i connect into _APP will not call attention for pakistan. Tanks, i'm into ETIHAD virtual too, want to know about Emirates division too. Tanks again!
  8. Hi, I'm Pilot of Pakistan International Airlines Virtual. I would like to know how is the staff of this region/division, and how is the work about instructions, site... Tanks!
  9. HI, I would like to know, when the ETHAD AIRWAYS will be into SERVINFO. Well, i make to me one version. Tanks!
  10. Well, In my opinion, The controller of SP_APP and RIO_APP need to speak english, and who control this position sometimes not speak english. I see some controllers like: P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]os, Dálio, Rios, Azevedo controlling with english very good. In RIo_APP i only see: P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]os, Gentile, Bastos and ME whats be there Speak english. Look, sometimes i see one controller (i will not say the name) whats give the vector to pilot, but all wrong and after disconnect. Let's try to did the better but the times it is not our fault
  11. Hum... One more thing: In Brazil, ALL _APP work with _DEP too ok... Is default...
  12. ohh, is right, have one problem, but the soluction is here : http://www.vatsim.com.br/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7725&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=everton But in Portuguese. :::
  13. Yeah, anything whats you or anybody wants to know, please Ask here.
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