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  1. Do not worry, an adjustment of +10 is quite usual for vpilot (mine is at +12 with a similarly well optimized mic). If you don't go into the red, your voice will not be distorted at all.
  2. Just to update here: Ross has posted a fix to the vpilot forum, please see here: http://www1.metacraft.com/VRC/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3311&start=15
  3. No, internet connection is perfectly stable. I've had this behavior both on sp[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ly and densely populated ATC frequencies, mostly in Europe, but I share your observation that more dropouts happen on busier ATC channels. Discussion has been continued on http://www1.metacraft.com/VRC/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3311 and conclusion was that the controller client/server is sending two pieces of information out of order, which makes vpilot believe that the voice channel has been switched off by the controller.
  4. Since a few days, my vpilot client is losing connection to the voice channel of a couple of stations. After few seconds, the channel comes back. This happens between once every ten minutes and once every 2-3 minutes - can be very distracting during approach... This is what the debug log shows for such an event: [20:35:17.276] Requesting controller info: EDGG_CTR [20:35:17.451] Voice URL received: EDGG_CTR voice1.vacc-sag.org/edgg_ctr [20:35:17.675] Controller info received: EDGG_CTR [20:35:27.275] Requesting controller info: EDGG_CTR [20:35:27.540] Voice URL received: EDGG_CTR voi
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