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  1. I know, basically im asking in the most active forum. If you find not appropiate this question, please delete it or let me know and I will delete it
  2. Hi all, I just arrived home after a month out. As a loyal user of Servinfo, on my first flight within IVAO, i run as usual de the servinfo, but when I try to load the IVAO data, system is saying "REQUEST URL TOO LARGE" as per screenshoot below Do you know how to fix it? Thanks
  3. Install all of them, in case you cant install them, disregard them -as we are disregarding this topic... man, try to be polite in your comments and read, mister... thatñs the point Also you can start to use google, to understand x64 x85...
  4. Hey all, specially @Mike Sweeney, for your support. I just repair my servinfo fro VATSI; and it looks ok, only that appears some repeated flights on the list Please check picture below, any help there?
  5. I was checking and googling in order to know if some I can add a indicator to my sign. i googled, and I was tryin to access via vatsimsigs.co.uk but when i try with my Vatsim id, it appears an error Server Error in '/' Application. The resource cannot be found. do you know if tge page still working? thanks
  6. Hi all, in the last update from Servinfo, the airport LKPD from Pardubice, Czech Republic do not are included. You can put manually the following line in servinfo.dat: LKPD/Pardubice/+050.013056+015.738333//LKAA/ or download my servinfo.dat http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8KHPPDKS Thanks,
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