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  1. Well, nvm then my first post. 🤣
  2. Hmm, this is interesting. I wonder if MSFS has SimConnect? If not and they have something completely different, it will take even longer for Vatsim to arrive on that platform.
  3. Well, hopefully Ross was part of that for vPilot.
  4. Really surprised there is nothing on this, especially with it being released now on Aug 18th. Does anyone know if MSFS will work with Vatsim and it's pilot clients? The only thing I have seen is it appears to be a MS proprietary online system. Nothing about Vatsim has ever been addressed by MS. Are we out of luck and having to stay with P3D?
  5. I still plan on flying in it without a booking from VIE to either SFO or MIA. Controllers will squeeze you in like they always do. Not a big deal.
  6. Flip side of the coin.... Flew through Minneapolis Center, was either last weekend or the one before late at night, and the center controller and 2 or 3 pilots flying around KMSP, all sounded like older adults, were all obviously intoxicated and using center frequency as if they were in a bar talking. Ridiculous and unbelievable. I went to Unicom so I didn't have to listen to it.
  7. Best one I found (menu to show weather radar and ATC on the right side of screen): http://simaware.ca/
  8. Just popped into this thread to tell Jan that was a very nice and very professional response. Well done sir.
  9. Ethan - On an Android tablet using this from the google Play store. The aircraft icons are really too big. Can you scale them down as the user zooms in on the map?
  10. With vPilot and the upcoming BVAI program http://forums.bvartcc.com/index.php?topic=14258.0 I am in zero hurry for Swift.
  11. Awesome news... a must have before I can go to v4.
  12. Eric Fisher

    vPilot P3D v4

    Well, P3D v4 and 64bit version has been announced with release on May 30th. A whole new virtual world. However as a vatsim diehard I need vPilot to work in it before I switch over. Ross, are you able to provide any insight on it working in v4?
  13. It does support DX10. Works for me at least in DX10 with the Fixer program from Steve.
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