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  1. Good luck getting this out to everyone between now and Saturday. As this forum reply you submitted is the only place I've seen this mentioned. The FSElite article also says position reports are not necessary. I think you will be in for a long day of confusion as probably less than 10% will read your reply and I think that is on the high side.
  2. Agree. Relying on social media is a bad move. TBH, I don't even know what Discord is! And here is the kicker, someone in the comments on the FSElite article said they never got an email and they were awarded a slot. I never got an email (confirmed I have the correct email on file) and what do you, I have a slot as well. So for those reading this, the emails that were supposed to go out may have but not to everyone. I suggest you log into the CTP site and check for sure.
  3. For real. Come in here to express a thought or two on the process and the first reply is someone trigged by it.
  4. The slot awards were released. Didn't get one. Got screwed on the last CTP as the slots went in microseconds and now this one. This is getting old fast.
  5. Pilots wanting to fly without a booking should do the up and over route via BGGL and BIRD airspace and then down via SCO airspace staying north of Gander, Shanwick and domestic Shannon airspace.
  6. That will never happen then. I am pretty sure PFPX is now abandoned-ware.
  7. It's in that multi page thread about live weather at Avsim. Not sure what page it's on.
  8. For those wondering about Activesky, CEO Damian Clark posted on another forum the MFS SDK has them locked out from doing anything with the weather. They do not know when/if it will happen.
  9. Metoblue from what I understand uses forecasted data from surface to aloft for wx data. Many in other forums are complaining that while they have sunny skies were they are at, they are seeing overcast. There are many examples of this occurring. So while MFS has their custom wx model, it appears the wx model data is fed forecasted data and not real time data. Hence why it's not accurate. If accurate, this will not work for many, myself included. I know I will wait for HiFi prior to even touching real time weather.
  10. Well, nvm then my first post. 🤣
  11. Hmm, this is interesting. I wonder if MSFS has SimConnect? If not and they have something completely different, it will take even longer for Vatsim to arrive on that platform.
  12. Well, hopefully Ross was part of that for vPilot.
  13. Really surprised there is nothing on this, especially with it being released now on Aug 18th. Does anyone know if MSFS will work with Vatsim and it's pilot clients? The only thing I have seen is it appears to be a MS proprietary online system. Nothing about Vatsim has ever been addressed by MS. Are we out of luck and having to stay with P3D?
  14. I still plan on flying in it without a booking from VIE to either SFO or MIA. Controllers will squeeze you in like they always do. Not a big deal.
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