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  1. I left EHAM within 10 minutes of my TOT. Very well run operation you all have at EHAM. In fact, I think most European major airports on Vatsim run very very well. Speaking of boring? This was the most boring CTP event I have ever been on. The flows to SFO had like 50nm+ in trail spacing over Greenland and Canada. After I left EHAM, I literally saw 3 aircraft until I arrive in SFO. One was local UK traffic and two on the CTP route. That's it in over 11 hours of flying. The radio was not busy at all either. I agree with David, those Europe to US west coast or mountain time zone routes could have
  2. Fantastic app!! One suggestion, now when you click on a aircraft, you get the data and the map draws the flight route. But when you click off the aircraft, it properly hides the aircraft data tag but it keeps the flight route displayed on the map. Only clicking on another aircraft will delete it.
  3. Those that left Europe for SFO after 1400Z -- Controller coverage started drying up nearing the end. ZOA stayed up but you could tell they were getting burned out. It turns into all day/night affair with regular VATUSA local traffic and then the long spread out line of traffic from CTP with those 10 to 12 hour flights getting spread out over their routing with aloft winds, speeds, etc... It's not a tightly bunched line like US east coast airports get due to the much shorter length of their flights. With a 0100Z arrival or later for this 11hr flight I think on the next CTP eastbound, the very
  4. https://simaware.ca/ is the best.
  5. For anyone wanting a web based solution, try this https://simaware.ca/ as other than Volanta, there is none better. What irks me is the only halfway decent Android app, Vatscan, is now dead thanks to this. Currently there are no Android apps for Vatsim. Sucks...
  6. That could be Ross. But PHX was west ops landing 26 and 25L. 25R should've been firing off the departures with min spacing allowed. Not sure why they were in a ground stop. Granted I don't know the airspace all that well out in that part of the country....
  7. Andreas, last night at KLAS we were getting release times. They were all spaced out 20 min apart for departures to PHX. On arrival it looked like 5nm spacing for arrivals. I used to control years ago at ZTL and just watching things I felt they were being pretty conservative on the departure side of the operation but were running a good arrival op.
  8. KATL was better because they had 3 runways for arrivals and 2 for departures. Places like KATL, KORD and KDEN do much better.
  9. The FNO seems to be getting very popular. I have done 3 over the last few weeks and I think the airport chosen plays a big part in it. A couple weeks ago when KATL hosted, it was not bad, some delay vectors enroute but handled well. Following week at KMSP, ground stops as far west as Denver (my APU got a workout sitting out on a de-ice pad for 40 minutes) and then delay vectors getting in. Departures out of MSP where +45 min. Tonight at KPHX, it was bad for inbounds. Over an hour on the ground at KLAS before getting a release time. When I got to KPHX, they were in a ground stop for departures.
  10. Don, have not heard anything and being a few weeks out from what happened, any word on some good news possibly coming?
  11. Good luck getting this out to everyone between now and Saturday. As this forum reply you submitted is the only place I've seen this mentioned. The FSElite article also says position reports are not necessary. I think you will be in for a long day of confusion as probably less than 10% will read your reply and I think that is on the high side.
  12. Agree. Relying on social media is a bad move. TBH, I don't even know what Discord is! And here is the kicker, someone in the comments on the FSElite article said they never got an email and they were awarded a slot. I never got an email (confirmed I have the correct email on file) and what do you, I have a slot as well. So for those reading this, the emails that were supposed to go out may have but not to everyone. I suggest you log into the CTP site and check for sure.
  13. For real. Come in here to express a thought or two on the process and the first reply is someone trigged by it.
  14. The slot awards were released. Didn't get one. Got screwed on the last CTP as the slots went in microseconds and now this one. This is getting old fast.
  15. Pilots wanting to fly without a booking should do the up and over route via BGGL and BIRD airspace and then down via SCO airspace staying north of Gander, Shanwick and domestic Shannon airspace.
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