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  1. MFS2020, I always get this error message and get disconnected! Thanks a lot greetings H.Lehmann
  2. Thank you, that's it. Now there is no error message
  3. Since today this error message comes! swiftinstaller-windows-64- xswiftbus-allos- XP 11.35r1
  4. That was it Many thanks to Tim and Andreas! Now Swift works
  5. Hi Andreas, Thank you very much for your reply. Unfortunately, I'm standing on my feet. Please, can you explain to me how / where I can choose that Thanks a lot! Hermann
  6. After a new installation, the following message appears: This software is not authorized for use on this network! What is meant by that? swiftinstaller-windows-64- xswiftbus-allos- XP 11.35r1 Thanks
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