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  1. Everytime I've logged into this teamspeak server it has been empty. Smaller vACC's that don't have a teamspeak server should take full advantage of this server! They really are useful for co-ordination, training and just having a community chat!
  2. Congratulations Luke! Welcome to VATEUD and good luck in the new position!
  3. Agreed with Ernesto, looked high and wide over the internet and found quiet a few images on airliners and quiet a bit of information but all I can see is the ICAO "MUQ". Sorry I can't be of more help. Octavio Germosen, our FIR ATM is from the Dominican Republic, i'll see if he knows anything.
  4. There is a new FIR chief, Octavio Germosen, and he regularly mans Santo Domingo Control and Approach, but unfortunately there are very few other active controllers in the FIR. I'm sure this will change in the future though as new controllers go through the ranks.
  5. You have to remember in the UK we have a system whereby all airports are in an RTS which I believe is like a vACC or FIR. Heathrow is in its own one and you have to have p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed an exam on a Tower position to control there, that means there is less people eligible and many people prefer to control at the airfield they train at. This means Heathrow doesn't get as much control as many pilots would like but there is control on regularly, I'd advise keeping an eye on the VATUK bookings or vRoute to see when they are online or have bookings.
  6. wrong Is done via .htaccess Alrite Mr know it all, i'm sure Anthony is perfectly capable.
  7. Ahh thanks for your help Michal, I was just wondering, i'm sure its more trouble than its worth to change it all.
  8. That's not entirely correct in itself I was simply giving a basic, normal landing clearance. People are thinking about this in way too much depth and its just confusing the whole situation.
  9. The correct way of saying it is "EZY118 runway 27 cleared take off, surface wind one one zero degrees eight knots"
  10. Thanks for your help Michal surely if thats the case EGJJ wouldnt be a VATUK position?
  11. If its just that you want somebody to look over you through an IFR flight I will be more than happy - provided nobody has already stepped up to help you already.
  12. Just a question, Everytime I look I never see Jersey online which has always stopped me from flying into it, however I was planning a flight through France so checked on the French page for vRoute and saw EGJJ_TWR. Surely this should be on the UK section as we cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] it as part of the UK on Vatsim? If not then why is it a UK based position? Cheers, Callum.
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