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  1. Sorry, just found out what the issue is....💡On the particular flight plan PFPX worked out, there was an extremely "rare" confusion in the initial level (FL360 and FL370) for some reason, as if PFPX could not work it out (maybe due to the airways changing directions in the climb). This confusion seem to affect the way the .sfp file was formatted by PFPX (visible by opening the file with notepad). Once I forced FL360 in the flight plan, then the .sfp file exported from PFPX is taken by vPilot with no issues. Thanks Ross for getting back to me in the first place. 👍
  2. I am getting the following error message: "Error loading flight plan: input string was not in a correct format" As you say there are no changes to vPilot and there are no changes to PFPX, still v 2.04 with no recent updates (that I am aware of).
  3. Hello guys, There is a way with PFPX to export the flight plan you worked on to vPilot. So far, this function was working very well and it was a very easy and quick process to "recall" the flight plan into vPilot. As of today, it has become impossible to use the saved flight plan (.sfp file) into vPilot. Either I get a message about a wrong string format (or something similar) or nothing happens and the FP box in vPilot remains empty. I am not aware of an update with PFPX and vPilot and am a little bit puzzled as to what has changed literally overnight. Thanks for enlightening
  4. Does it work well? Has it been installed and is it being used widely in the VATSIM community? It does not seem to be very clear on their website.... I am a little bit confused.
  5. Hi, With my flight simulation all on a new PC now, I no longer have the old FLAI model matching package to fly on VATSIM. I find it a bit of a shame as all I see is CRJ's and default aircraft. We were told there would be a new package. Are there any updates on that please? Thank you.
  6. Hi, I recently noticed Servinfo is not downloading data anymore.... Are you guys aware of any changes to the way it is supposed to work? I know Servinfo is an old beast, but I still like it. Thanks.
  7. I am in the same boat... I think we will have to wait for a brand new solution, possibly AIG. Transferring stuff from an old computer is possibly a recipe for messing up the PC/sim. I have not looked at the whole thing but it does look complicated so I would rather not risk it. Such a shame...!
  8. Thank you for your quick reply, Ross.... Here we are: See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text ************** System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ThrowExceptionForHRInternal(Int32 errorCode, IntPtr errorInfo) at NAudio.Wave.WasapiOut.Init(IWaveProvider waveProvider) at GeoVR.Client.Output.Start(String outputDevice, ISampleProvider sampleProvider) at GeoV
  9. When I launch vPilot, I now get an "unhandled exception has occurred in your application..." message. "Object reference not set to an instance of an object". It offers the option to continue but the voice part of vPilot does not seem to work if I continue. When I try to set up the audio section, nothing works. Any ideas why it suddenly started doing that? I did not change anything in vPilot, just "tweaked" some of my sound settings on my PC (mixer....) and on OBS without installing or uninstalling anything at all. vPilot has been working flawlessly for months and years, it just sud
  10. It is working, beautifu! Thank you very much.
  11. Hi guys, Just wondering if you have encountered issues with Servinfo recently? For the last week or so, I have been unable to download VATSIM data with Servinfo. "Loading" in red flashes in the top left corner, it says "receiving data" but nothing else happens.... Thanks
  12. Any breakthrough on this one....? Still seems to be extremely difficult to connect when things are busy.... So frustrating....!
  13. The more I experience the problem, the more I am convinced it is a question of data as I mentioned here on the forum before. I can stay connected for hours flying in any part of the world and have no issues at all, even talking to 1 or 2 controllers along the way. Then, if the total number of connections to VATSIM go above 900 or 1000 (for example in the evening or at the weekend), it suddenly becomes impossible to connect. The other day, I did notice, when I took off from an airport in Europe with only _APP but not a lot of traffic around, I managed to remain connected with no probl
  14. I did a packet drop test and after 30 seconds, it starts dropping packets like crazy..... It does not drop packets if you don't stress the test too much. This could explain why when there is a lot of traffic/data on VATSIM, a connection is not possible, but when things are quiet, a connection is possible. The thing is, if a connection is possible when VATSIM is quiet, then VATSIM in itself is possibly not blocked (other blocked software do not work at all, as you know). The ISP is possibly throttling back the connection, limiting the data that goes through.....not giving it its full capac
  15. Is the reason for those connection issues "packet drops"? I am puzzled as to how a VPN helps (from a technical point of view) as it usually tends to slow down the connection? What is the difference between those rubbish ISP connections and a connection via VPN?
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