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  1. Any breakthrough on this one....? Still seems to be extremely difficult to connect when things are busy.... So frustrating....!
  2. The more I experience the problem, the more I am convinced it is a question of data as I mentioned here on the forum before. I can stay connected for hours flying in any part of the world and have no issues at all, even talking to 1 or 2 controllers along the way. Then, if the total number of connections to VATSIM go above 900 or 1000 (for example in the evening or at the weekend), it suddenly becomes impossible to connect. The other day, I did notice, when I took off from an airport in Europe with only _APP but not a lot of traffic around, I managed to remain connected with no probl
  3. I did a packet drop test and after 30 seconds, it starts dropping packets like crazy..... It does not drop packets if you don't stress the test too much. This could explain why when there is a lot of traffic/data on VATSIM, a connection is not possible, but when things are quiet, a connection is possible. The thing is, if a connection is possible when VATSIM is quiet, then VATSIM in itself is possibly not blocked (other blocked software do not work at all, as you know). The ISP is possibly throttling back the connection, limiting the data that goes through.....not giving it its full capac
  4. Is the reason for those connection issues "packet drops"? I am puzzled as to how a VPN helps (from a technical point of view) as it usually tends to slow down the connection? What is the difference between those rubbish ISP connections and a connection via VPN?
  5. I am having the same problem....I can't seem to be able to change the ATIS frequency.
  6. Yeah maybe.... It certainly is not a configuration problem on my side since I eventually managed to remain connected twice for 45 minutes non stop, so my computer/sim/vpilot work OK and are properly configured. However, before managing to connect, I need to try several times.... What I am puzzled about is what the meaning of the warning message is, and why I do struggle to connect?
  7. I just managed to connect to be kicked off after 2 or 3 minutes with the followong message: "the server has failed to respond to the authentification challenge" On another attempt, the plane connection stabilised but the voice keeps disconnecting et reconnecting with the following message: "Disconnected from voice server. Reason: lost server connection. Voice will attempt to automatically reconnect. Connected to voice server. I just don't get it.....
  8. Hello, Using the latest vpilot version, I keep getting disconnected with mainly the following error message: Client Authentication response timeout. I have a relatively good internet connection. What is strange is that it sometimes works, but it will only connect after the 10th attempt or something, but will then drop after 5 or 10 minutes, sometimes 1 hour. Really strange. (same situation with Euroscope which actually always disconnects after 5 seconds but works perfectly with a VPN)
  9. As a suggestion to pilot connection software (like vPilot, etc...), would it be possible to show pilots they are, or are about to enter, in an area covered by a controller? Worldwide coverage is a huge task, I know, so maybe done by regions or even more locally. A bit like Euroscope knows what sectors does what and what the coordination requirements are (in the .ese file). Is something like that technically feasible for the pilot connection software? For example, a pilot is about to enter FIR B with ATC from FIR A with no ATC..... 5 minutes before entering FIR B, the pilot gets a no
  10. Hello, I know there are more important things in this world, but i would like to share some points. I find controlling very frustrating....I had not controlled in some time and getting back to it makes me wonder whether I will stick to it or not. There is a fair portion of pilots who don't make it particularly enjoyable to spend time behind the scope. I know we don't deal with professionals here, but still. Over the last few days, I have tried to offer ATC service in quite a large area for pilots to have ATC enroute and enjoy themselves. Controlling a relatively la
  11. Hello, Is it possible to keep your own personal tags and use them in different profiles? How do you keep your tags when updating the sector file and .ese file after each AIRAC change? I am a bit lost there.... it looks like you have to revert to the built in tags. Thanks
  12. Thank you for that, I have rescued Servinfo (which I think is still the best network traffic software out there). However, I can only download the data by holding down the SHIFT key and pressing the VATSIM icon. Where is that .ini file? Is it the Servinfo configuration settings file? Everytime I insert http://status.vatsim.net/ in the file and then restart Servinfo, the old web address http://usa-s1.vatsim.net/data is showing in the file..... Not sure why.
  13. Interesting discussion.... there seems to be a consensus for training and work your way up through the ranks. Why not? On the other hand, a lot of potential controllers give up after a while because they are stuck controlling "small" positions and lose interest along the way? What if your grade was not [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociated with the position you can open? Working up through the ranks would be more a reflection of your expertise/experience rather than your "p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]port" to a higher position? Anyway... Just a bit of food for thought.
  14. I am a Eurocontrol controller. All I will say is that I am trying to offer as good a service as I can and an ATC presence/coverage for pilots to interact with. Quantity over quality.... I would say presence over nothing.
  15. Hi guys, Just a bit of an observation, really.... I am not trying to upset people and the way things are set up on VATSIM. Anyway, as you know, there is a big difference on the network between the number of pilots and the number of controllers. Maybe 1 to 20, probably more. Everybody will agree that to balance things out a little bit and make the network more interesting, we need more controllers. I know that controlling is possibly not everybody's cup of tea. Fair enough. It is also more complex in terms of using ATC software like Euroscope, rather than just use vPilot and fl
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