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  1. I reported the radio tuning bug via Zendesk. I can change frequencies 1 time on VHF1 and then the tuning knob will no longer work. If I switch to VHF2, I can change frequencies 1 time and then the knobs no longer work. Same issue when switching to VHF3. I can''t believe this bug hasn't been fixed as I have seen other posts in other forums about it. Makes flying the model in VATSIM almost impossible, save for the .com1 workaround.
  2. Getting back into FSX after a two year break and a new CPU operating system. I've never been particularly thrilled with the default engine in FSX, especially when flying online. I know the FSInn weather feature is faulty as well. I researched weather engines in the VATSIM forum quite extensively, but the last post I can find on the topic is from 2004. Any recommendations on weather engines that are compatible with FSInn when I fly online? REX looks good but from what I heard it doesn't update very much, which kind of defeats the purpose.
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