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  1. A founding member made this issue a VATSIM issue, so ask him for the details.
  2. While not an "official" member of ZAU, nor a member of VATUSA Staff, nor VATSIM staff, I think there's some merit to this debate. Regardless of your stance on the issues with ZAU and their ATM/ex-ATM/new-ATM, there's a problem here. A decision was made to remove an ATM, a decision was made to hire a new ATM, and a decision was made to announce the new ATM. Yet, all of these decisions, the presumed day of the announcement of the new ATM, were reverted for what reason? If it was a rebuttal by the ex-ATM of ZAU, did he not have a deadline to submit his response to his firing, and was not
  3. Cross-posted in "Fly-In Notices". Link : http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=36849 One thing I'd like to reiterate:
  4. My question is in regards to how to handle individual requests for tower services. In example, a pilot is flying at what is really midnight, but his simulator is set to noon. While I am controlling at midnight, Eagle (KEGE) Tower is (in the real world) closed, and I, within the confines of the procedures set forth by my ARTCC, elect to not provide tower services. However, this pilot is flying out of EGE, and requests taxi instructions on Center frequency. Do I: a> Provide Tower Services, period, or b> Inform pilot "EGE Tower is closed, contact me for IFR Clearance" I know if
  5. Do we treat requests to simulate "tower operation" requests by pilots just like simulated emergencies?
  6. Thanks to all the pilots who came out for this event! We sure did have a great time! However, looks like some of you are scared to fly into COS and went to DEN instead.... Stay tuned for more opportunities to share some of your love with Colorado Springs.
  7. BUMP! It's tomorrow! Come check out Colorado Springs!
  8. Yeah, it's not uncommon to be at flight idle until 1,500 above TDZE in KDEN arriving from the NW and landing S.
  9. In the real-world ZDV, controllers will sometimes, when it's quiet, ask pilots, usually F9 pilots, what kind of descent they are planning. A part of a lot of major and regional airline's operations now include steeper descents to minimize use of fuel in the descent. Even with the boards tucked in, 3,000 to around 4,000 feet per minute can be achieved, depending on weight, altitude, and airspeed.
  10. Holy cow. That's a book ya got going there, AJ! Anyways, on the pilot side of things, in the RW we're constantly given visual approach clearances at altitudes that make the Space Shuttle approach look like a 172 coming in at full power. However, there are numerous times in the RW that approach does not give us an airspeed to maintain, and it is up to the pilot to see where you are in regards to the approach, who you may be following, and adjust your airspeed and/or configuration as needed. But descents with the boards out and the thrust at idle are not abnormal, when said configuration is
  11. vZDV is proud to host Friday Night Ops! On Friday, December 05, 2008, vZDV will be staffing KCOS, City of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport to the brim! From the hours of 1800-2200 Mountain Standard Time (06 DEC 2008 0100-0500 UTC) we will be spotlighting one of our feature airports for all kinds of operations. Single engine, multi engine, turbine, rotorcraft, military, airline, and anyone else under the sun equipped with a Mode C Transponder is welcome to enjoy what weather forecasters are calling for a cool, partly cloudy day in the shadows of Pikes Peak. Any questions about the event c
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