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  1. Thanks Paul, good to see you again as well. I most likely will stick with FS9 to be honest. I do have a registered copy of FSUIPC, just concerned that it won't carry over to a Vista 64 system. Or, is that a silly notion that I shouldn't be worried about?
  2. Reading up on FSX and LDS767 though, sounds complicated to get it to work. That, and Activesky and the FSUIPC. Man, been out of this a while.
  3. Yeah, I actually did end up bumping it up. Here were the final pieces. i7 920 MSI X58 Pro mobo Crucial 6GB (3 x2gb) DDR3 1066 WD 500gb Caviar Sapphire 4850 512mb CoolerMaster 330 case OCZ StealthXStream 600w PSU Lite-On DVD Burner More memory, more HDD space, larger PSU. All under my $1000 budget.
  4. I've been out of the flight simulation / VATSIM world for a few years now. Primarily because my current system just wasn't operating in a fashion that I enjoyed. With that being said, and mounting frustration due to various hardware issues that are still unresolved, combined with the fact that this system is going on about 4 1/2 years old. . .I've made the decision to stimulate the global technology economy and build a new system. Any comments / input would be helpful, specifically how Windows Vista 64 deals with FS9 or FSX, or any other conflicts related to VATSIM software. T
  5. WOW - What a mouthful to read. I'm sure it may have been discussed already - and if so, if someone would be so kind to tell me which of these pages it was on. But, to me, it appears simply as another tactic to increase controller membership. While, sacrificing quality of controlling. I don't think I'm the first to say it, but what a disappointment that would be.
  6. Who do I need to contact to update real world pilot status?
  7. Should he? If you have a point, make it. But it had better elevate this conversation or I lock it as I have the other attempts to take this down the drain. Wow. . . feel free to e-mail me Kyle. I already see where Craig replied to the original poster. Just looking towards reading the minutes - that is, if they exist, if they don't, then so be it. Does He? I don't know, you tell me. I was simply asking if there were any meeting minutes available where this policy was discussed. A number of other VATxxx regions (even the BoG) post their meeting minutes. Was only asking if there w
  8. Since I've been out of some people's hair for a while: Does VATNA have any meeting minutes that deal with the discussion of this policy change? Thanks
  9. Boy, I have to say I think I didn't contribute to the downward trend of this thread. Nevertheless, the brochure looks good. Rather or not it will serve a point is in the eyes of the beholder. It's flashy, and does just the right amount of advertising.
  10. Actually Craig, I didn't. Not until this morning after work. Good looking out though. Jason - Thank you for the type of indepth response I have been seeking for these types of questions.
  11. So are students getting their requested ARTCCs or is VATUSA filling a quota for each facility, at times sending graduates to a facility they did not wish to work in the first place? An honest answer would be nice. We don't need to be sugar-coating everything for the new individuals coming to VATUSA in this day and age.
  12. You guys always put on a great show. Pilots: If you've never taken part in this event. . . I highly suggest it. ZBW has one of the best crews on VATUSA / SIM. You won't regret taking part.
  13. I keep drinking but nothing is happening ! ! Rofl. Small fish such as ZME need more traffic . Perhaps we should stage an event... [Mod: Post removed....you made your point Mr. Hjemvick...quit trying to beat everyone over the head with it. In relation to the attempted post immediately below this one, if you two are going to mix it up, you are going to do it privately, not here. -GSM 800006]
  14. I highly doubt its a "tactic", but merely an oversight. I suspected that, but for some reason I just don't buy it. Who knows, perhaps conventional wisdom will grace a couple people. I doubt it though, it'll grace a couple people, but not the right ones.
  15. Okay. . . so I've realized that if an ARTCC reserves a date / time for an event, and a bigger fish comes along and wants that date, that it doesnt matter if it is already reserved. Is this policy going to continue? If so, what incentive do small ARTCCs who NEED the traffic have to even bother holding an event if the possibility of it getting pushed aside for a bigger ARTCC, who has a legacy event comes along? I'd hate for ZLA to snag a date from a smaller facility after it had been reserved. I know our leadership wouldn't do such, thank you gents. I'm a little sad to see other facil
  16. One, it was a joke. Two, why are you abbreviating abbreviations? That's why I said it should be ZLAOTSTSOT, as ZLA and OTS are already abbreviations. Oh I'm sorry . . . actually not really. . . that YOU took what I wrote as something being serious, and that you had to defend your post by indicating it as a joke. What gave you the impression that I didn't understand it was a joke? I was simply clarifying for you.
  17. Shouldn't that be the, ZLAOTSTSOT? No ZlaOtsTerrioismSpecialOperationsTeam
  18. Fred, you've got yourself a good crew at ZAB now. Keep up the good work!
  19. Discharging ARTCC member due to a negative attitude? I wonder what the criteria will be for someone's negative attitude? Or is it just a way to get rid of people that do not agree with the proposals that are coming from leadership, because they are not cheerleaders, etc? I can't wait to see the minutes from this meeting. Thanks for doing good work Kyle.
  20. Great upgrade for ZAB. . . take them far Fred!
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