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  1. Please...you dont have the slightest idea of what my last post meant, do you? Why dont you go do something productive and stop worrying about what I do. HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!!!!!! Because that is the hardest thing to do
  2. I'd also find out who the NATCA Fac Rep is and talk to them. NATCA loves giving tours, and is usually less beaurocratic about it than a training administrator or other stooge.
  3. Oh boy. . . you live in FLL? I'm so screwed in a year.
  4. Here's to those of us who keep it real! I think that comment applies throughout this forum. Yes, but remember when people "keep it real" they get shut up pretty quickly. Congrats Dennis. Have fun! I..dont fully understand what you mean here Josh. So you act fake and never get shut up? Not quite. Some will understand, some won't. I'm not expecting everyone to follow. Not losing any sleep over it.
  5. Here's to those of us who keep it real! I think that comment applies throughout this forum. Yes, but remember when people "keep it real" they get shut up pretty quickly. Congrats Dennis. Have fun!
  6. I'll miss Don. He was a real inspiration, and a very nice guy. He will surely be missed. RIP
  7. Email me... I'm not that hard to find. Not to come off in a bad way Nick, but I wasn't speaking directly to you, but more towards Mark. No offense.
  8. Bottom line Josh, do you know any of the back-story? Not that I do, but it maybe unfair to p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] judgement on the suspension unless you know what happened. If private messages were possible on this forum I would reply.
  9. I can't even reply to this with an honest response. How sad is that? Two people have recently been suspended for their different viewpoints. Just sad.
  10. Lance said VATUSA1 is a dictator? I must of missed that. The differences I have had with Lance [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ide, I think it is absolutely rediculous that he was suspensed. Bottom line.
  11. As if some recent nominations, and [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignments isn't a popularity contest already? As far as a term, I like it. But only at the VATUSA level. There also needs to be a removal system to get undue individuals out of their staff positions. I will leave it at that.
  12. Don't sweat it Paul. . . choose your battles wisely. I know how you feel, take it in stride my friend.
  13. A lot of things happened, and I certainly would not point directly to Jeff's position as the catalyst. VATSIM's numbers as a whole, have increased significantly, by at least 10% from last year. Congrats on your new position at ZOB as well Steven, what a coincidence.
  14. Not to offend anyone, again, but I'm slowly seeing signs from administrators that they are sticking their heads into the sand again. Let's get past ignoring the issues that are being brought up, simply because you do not think they exist. Bryan brings up some excellent, and certainly valid points. These points need to discussed, and not just thrown to the curb like so many suggestions or critiques from senior controllers of VATUSA. Let's try to keep that in mind powers at be. The training advisory board would be a great idea, even better if its not ONLY instructors from each facil
  15. So who is allowed to call ARTCCs out on their training standards? In my experience it certainly can not be a controller, senior controller, or an instructor from another facility. As what happens is whoever you notify in the staff of the facility in question, the staff gets defensive and will not listen to any critique. Hence, not fixing the problem. Until staff members of facilities can get over their egos and actually be open minded about training, nothing will be done about it. Especially if the suggestions are warm natured, and are warrented. Once again, you point out a
  16. Fair enough Paul, in that case I can also agree that it can be a bit of an overload. But would something such as S3 or below can only work local positions, or Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] C tracons until they achieve the required facility certifications before they move up in the world? Is that really that restrictive? Perhaps to the smaller facilities (less than 20-30 people).
  17. Congrats Brandon, job well done moving up in the world.
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