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  1. Alright, page 3. I'll keep it short, so as to not get anyone's feathers ruffled. A comprehensive training syllabus that each of the facilities will need to follow must come out of the VATUSA training academy. Bottom line. It must be comprehensive to the broad / generic topics that are addressed within .65, including non-radar procedures. The facilities must then be encourage to develop a training program that enhances the already comprehensive training syllabus from the academy, to be tailored to local procedures, etc. If there is no incentive to the under staffed facilities to imp
  2. EA, I didn't bring it up, Mr. Marinakis brought it up on I think page 3, heck could of been 4. Nevertheless, I followed the LOA we had with ZAB, it just appeared that yes, for 7 months, it was only a one facility taking part in an LOA deal. . . no big deal, long gone, way way many many moons ago. Bigger issues to fry now. Anything else? I think I have done more rehashing by replying to your silly reply, about me not rehashing it. Heck, I'm confused now, who rehashed what?
  3. I'm going to let the spin monsters ride this one out for a little while before I reply again. . . with the same points of view . . . that have already been posted elsewhere. Expect a reply when this hits page 3 I'll be taking notes. But real quickly, Paul. . . we also do not want to water it down so much that the "extremist", decide that it isnt the realism that they once were able to enjoy. Fixed the reference to the wrong individual, sorry Jeff, I noticed you didn't call anyone an extremist, but rather it was Paul. 20 hours of no sleep is slowly starting to wear thin, hence anoth
  4. Vegas sounds good to me. . . will be out of the military by then (thank god)!
  5. I held in position at IAH, DAL, GSO, EWR, and STL during my trip this past weekend. Good deal. Hopefully the FAA will focus on utilizing some of the modernization technology that they have been talking about for years, instead of utilizing some half-[Mod - Happy Thoughts] thought out policy letter. . . then again, I may be dreaming.
  6. Flying through Atlanta and Miami this past week, Weds to be exact, TIPH was in used. Actually, come to think of it, the RJ pilots from CAE-ATL said CAE is using it still as well, just they didnt bother at 6am as traffic isn't an issue. Just an FYI I suppose, could be a sign that waivor process is in use. Silly FAA policy change anyways. . . whatever.
  7. Josh..Are you calling me a crony? I just need to understand where you're at on this. RJ No RJ, not you. I respect you and your opinions. Same goes for much of VATSIM's senior leadership. You guys have provided a great service for many of us to enjoy. I should of followed up on this a little bit earlier. Real life took a bit of a priority. Cronyism? Wait a second, weren't you two thick as thieves in Los Angeles? I guess you must have a different definition of cronyism and switch whenever the situation is convenient to you. Mr. Karras, and your 8 posts on this
  8. Anyone can become a member of NATCA. . . via their [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociate membership route. Feel free to get more information from natca.org.
  9. Bothers me Marc, but it is obvious that it won't do any good my friend. You know how I feel on the subject, just a bunch of cronyism going on. No wonder they want to make it easier. Our appointed leaders have little time online, might as well water down the training standards.
  10. Good to hear ZHU is on top of their stuff. Bravo! Good luck stepping up and shining above the rest .
  11. Nice, calling people names now? Such a big boy, err, mature adult, you are. I really am surprised by the judgement of some people.
  12. A good choice. One of the best VATUSA has to offer. Congrats Mark.
  13. Ah yes, my time spent on the network over the past 8 years, SATCO included. . . really is trumped by your time spent on the network, much less Jason's . Thanks old guy. Nevertheless, enough is enough. Let the cronyism run wild, we see how good it works in the real world, might as well try out in your little management experiment.
  14. That is a baldfaced lie. I for one have been exhibiting a continued, consistent negative attitude toward VATUSA on a daily basis since 2003. I've put in a lot of hard work to expose the hypocrisy and corruption, and I really resent Josh getting all the credit for it. Sorry to take the cake on that one MS. Certainly didn't mean to. No Lance, the difference is, it would be extremely disheartening for me to start to be a cheerleader considering VATUSA's present leadership styles. Marc hit the nail right on the head in his latest post detailing the details between VATUSA and VATC
  15. Maybe we do know what we're doing! Congrats Jason. I knew I tutored some of the best and brightest! :] You'll (continue to) do well, I have absolutely no doubts.Well done Kyle, also. Look forward to great things from PR. Of course we know what we're doing...we have an amazing staff in ZTL Oh I'm sure you boys at ZTL know what you are doing. . . Appears to be the same things from the past. Purely making a nice observation, and a couple panties get in a twist. No surprise.
  16. Isn't that a problem there in and of itself? Soft training standards at the ARTCC level. I don't know much about the VATUSA Academy, but I certainly hope that it works to strengthen controllers abilities before they enter a facility that has soft training standards.
  17. Bummer to see Jim have to leave. . . big shoes to fill. Previous resumes still on record?
  18. ::noding in agreement:: Let's give them a few hours to post an SOP someplace for us to further investigate. I'm not 100% for the idea, as I feel TMU is inherently an ARTCC function. . . but it is obvious now that VATUSA HQ wants it to be a VATUSA funtion, fine. Either way, not being on a FAB anymore, my opinion honestly doesnt matter. VATUSA, do as you wish.
  19. Nice to see the usual cheerleaders are still sticking around. I have to say, yes, this TMU position . . . from a VATUSA HQ position (as opposed to an individual ARTCC staff position) is going to be utterly useless. I have to echo the point a view that it should not be solely on the shoulders of ONE VATUSA staff member to bounce around for every weekend, trying to learn the STARs or SIDs for how ever many fields are involved. I'll give the benefit of doubt to VATUSA leadership this time though, in the hopes that they create more than just one position. . . perhaps a member for each region
  20. Plantronics computer headsets, IMHO, are some of the best when it comes to performance.
  21. Just a quick praise to VATUSA's leadership. It's very nice to finally see the meeting minutes up and online, in easy reach, for those of us who are interested enough to take a look at them. For the younger types, these meeting minutes can provide a fair bit of insight into VATUSA management thinkings on a number of subject areas. I'm sure that if you have questions about anything you read, that any of the staff members would be more than happy to answer it.
  22. I think Richard made it pretty clear that it isn't a requirement, but that some ARTCC's interpreted it that way. If you don't want to do it, then don't do it. I see nothing wrong with supporting the advertising of our events. I say "our" because we are ALL part of VATUSA as a team. It amazes me how some of you seem to have such a fear that someone may tell you what to do. Ah you see Jeffery, I neglected to read the whole post. My bad. . . Now your remark about members not acknowledging that we are all on one team, I find that a bit condesending. If that's your opinion, then grea
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