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  1. So what happens to those controllers, myself as an example, that refuse to put that spam into my ATIS?
  2. Bo, I just want to take this chance to say a job well done to ZJX. Keep up the great work. Brandon, congrats! You're going to be a valuable [Mod - Happy Thoughts]et to ZJX.
  3. Bravo on your move to ZOA Chris...! A nice new home for you, congrats.
  4. That site above, fsinsider.com, has some info concerning FSX.
  5. A bottom line, set standard, minimum requirements set forth by VATUSA training in the form of Practical Test Standards would go over great. The facilities would be left to increase the standards as they see fit, but they can not be allowed to dumb them down or to be more politically correct, reduce them at all. If they are found to have been reduced, I certainly hope that some administrative actions would be taken. Otherwise the whole program is in jeopardy of lossing its integrity. And that certainly would not be in the best interest of VATUSA.
  6. Ah Jeffery. Thanks for cracking this one open again. I was actually paying more attention to the thread you suggested until now. Anything else you would like to say? Feel free to e-mail or message me. I'd be more than happy to listen.
  7. It is difficult to make replies to threads when you are playing online poker. Jason I certainly don't feel as if you are clashing with me, so don't worry about it. You have my respect. I'm against any sort of time requirement solely for the reason that anyone can log on at 3 am local and just sit there playing solitare. I wouldn't be so against it if it were possible to maintain some sort of peak hour tracking of controllers. It would take work on the part of the systems guru's, but if a controller works say 10-15 hours total, all of those hours within say 5:30pm local to 12am, I
  8. Now that I do not understand. I'm slowly starting to get fed up with the attitude of "let's make it easier." I certainly do not think that anyone suggested making it HARDER to get CTR staffing, but rather making it more of a challenge for the ones who want to half-a.ss it through the process to work CTR. Trust me, the legit ones will do the things required to get promoted. If we make it "harder" (as you say), it will require the ones who just want to putts around to work harder, stay at the TWR level, or drop out. Sounds like natural selection to me. If you can't cut it, go elsew
  9. I would hope that the server would do it, so as to hinder any sort of end user editing of the tracks to make it look like they worked more than they did, hence cheating the system. I think we can all agree that would not be a benefit to VATUSA.
  10. So this is really the crux of the problem with the rating system that I tried to ellude to earlier. Whether you are a C1 or S1 really doesn't matter because its SCOPE TIME that really seasons a controller. I have seen guys who were S1s jump on and know exactly what they are doing...because they do it in real life or for some other reason. I have also had C1s like you say, could not vector themselves out of a wet paper bag. I also said I'm not sure what the answer is, and maybe this is one of those cases where a change....any change....migtht help. Jeff And we won't fix the C
  11. Good to know your plan Todd, and I respect it. No worries there. But I am just wondering who it is you feel is on a soapbox, as I feel anyone who has posted anything negative (or jsut comments on this matter) is not on a soapbox but rather just voicing their opinion. And also Todd, let us not get involved in the technique vs. procedure debate when it comes to the .65, we can deal with that in the future if needed. I will note that the facility that I provided feedback on regarding the issue has yet to show the same fault twice (in my experience). I fly to educate and to have a goo
  12. Jeff, I am not expecting miracles within a month. But it became rather obvious that, recently, that any constructive critisism of the leadership was not welcomed. It was also known, and is now more obvious, that if you have anything bad to say about the leadership, or any sort of suggestions that go against the views of the leadership, that you will either be removed or suggested to resign because you're not playing along with the agenda or plan that is in place. As far as where Marc stands, that is between him and VATUSA. . . unfortunately. But one thing can be sure, all of ZLA i
  13. Usually the common sense answer, is the answer the FAA turns their back on. Not sure exactly what you mean by increasing airspace 3 fold, or if you are talking about one of the nasty rumors concerning super centers. . . where it is only three enroute facilities across the US. One on the east coast, central states, and west coast. Bad idea for a number of reasons, but I won't go into it as it is unlikely response in the long term.
  14. Yup, I suppose you are right. Although I'm not even sure which teams I have been switching from.
  15. Really, so posts like this from you aren't knocking him? He's with VATUSA. Here's a quote from you Josh: You seem to be knocking VATUSA pretty hard there. Yes, the latter of the two was a rather general and broad statement. Are those illegal now in the new surroundings we find ourselves? If you read my statement more closely, it was directed to Jim and his training staff, my support is not for all of VATUSA right now, sorry Lance. What more do you want me to say Lance? I'm not going to get into a little tussle with you so, keep fishing for it someplace else. I ho
  16. Great to know Jim. I hope you understand that nothing I have said in here is knocking you, or your staff at the training department.
  17. As a happy supporter of my future union, I'm in and have been from the start. Been making calls for the past week or so now.
  18. It is a difficult trade off. . . but I know that we can reach it again like we have in the past, hopefully.
  19. I wont state any names, but when I have mentioned inconsistencies in performance online with the .65 to leadership at certain facilities they cite that we have to make exceptions to the rules so that we can maintain retention. Hence my thread of many moons ago asking pilots of VATUSA to send feedback to the facilities that have feedback forms, or to simply provide a simple e-mail to the leadership so that they know I'm not the only one who is paying attention. I alluded to throwing out the .65 in respect to VATUSA's regional training standards not ZLAs. I hope VATUSA's standards do not
  20. Glad some individuals are using this thread as it was meant. Thank you Ian, Marc, Chris, Brad, and Mr. McClelland. . . For Justin of ZTL. . . Sure this thread is worthless, or stupid as you put it, but this thread may bring to light a number of issues that concern me. For which, due to the reasons Marc has stated earlier, I am not willing to just throw blindly out into the public of VATUSA. It is also now available that Marc and Ian have brought up some excellent points, which is exactly what I wanted. I have also been involved in staff positions with VATUSA as an instruc
  21. I havent seen anything new change. . . besides the return of the regional events, which, to no fault of Chris Reene's, is something that we already had in the past. So I will have to essentially say no. Now you guys have my answer.
  22. . . .is VATUSA better today than it was a year ago? I had a lot of extra text that prolly would have got a couple people's underwear twisted, so I'll just leave it nice and simple.
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