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  1. Good to see Jim take the position back. An excellent choice!
  2. Should be able to make it as well guys. Will be staying in the Plainfield or Naperville area.
  3. Looks excellent gentlemen. Keep up the great ZBW work!
  4. Congrats as well Jeff. And I second IE's offer. Best of luck in your new position.
  5. +1 VATNA, as an entity, shouldn't even exist. It's redundant. VATUSA and VATCAN are large enough, and independent enough from each other, that they could easily report directly to the BoG and/or EC. It's not like Europe where you have tons of little countries all jumbled up and some sort of umbrella organization might be useful. That said, if for some unknown reason VATNA needs to exist and needs to have a page, spend five minutes and put up a shell site with links to VATCAN and VATUSA. Then focus on getting those two prehistoric sites in order rather than diverting resources away
  6. http://www.vatroc.org/english/charts/taipei_new.htm The link there for the RCTP charts is broken. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get them? Thanks.
  7. Hey guys, Where can I find IAP charts for RJAA? I have the STAR/SID charts from your website. Thanks!
  8. Ive seen the GENOT as well, AF1 is the callsign boys. Sorry to be so late into this "debate." Good job Pablo.
  9. Which one is linked to on the VATUSA page? That is the one I would use.
  10. The ZLA civil war of 02' . . . nice touch IE
  11. Well well. . . you guys sure have stepped up the ball. Great job getting out from under the old, old, old legacy website of many years. Job well done!
  12. ah. . . bah humbug then. They will be filing here towards Oct, but it wont matter. They will still be flying just like UAL did years ago, no real lose, and it will actually help them get back on their feet. Not to get off topic, but I can not stand any Delta bashing.
  13. Makes two of us Terry. So ZTL actually has some controllers from the Atlanta area now eh?
  14. Hmm, I wonder why. I mean, considering this is a VATUSA Convention, it would fit in perfecting at the N or S Pole. I'm so cynical, sorry.
  15. Jim, Ive noticed Halifax being up very frequently as of late. Either that, or I just havent noticed you guys being open. I will certainly have to make a trek up that way before I cross the pond again later this weekend. As far as ZTL, good deal gentlemen, keep it up.
  16. I was afraid of people making suggestions this early, without knowing anymore info. I'll join the bandwagon and say Atlanta, there, you have my suggestion.
  17. Oh how this has been a long time coming, and of all people to head it up. Great work Jeff!
  18. I know im not much of a VATEUR guy. . . but I have been told many a times that visual approachs are extremely rare at some of the larger airports just due to the complexity of the traffic environment. Im sure one of the VATUK, or VATEUR C1/C3's can chime in on this as well.
  19. Great information Robert. I know my colleagues try to stay up to date, but this will only help. I'm sure Jim or Marc will use the information as they see fit. Just wish other facilities would do the same, especially when real world data comes into them. Thanks again Robert!
  20. Javier, Excellent, my 763 is sitting at SCEL right now. Will likely sit there to atleast sunday morning, then I'll be off to one of those two "windy" fields. Most likely into the one in Argentina, just so I can get my Argentina visit out of the way I'll be waiting for your list of good eastern airports to stop at, trying to make a stop per country, so far I have made it to Equador (SEQU), Peru (SPIM), Bolivia (SLLP), and Chile (SCEL).
  21. lol, my thoughts exactly. . . if there is a predefined ARTCC / FIR voice room, why would we need to regulate the spam (controller to controller chit chat) that is there, when it is all internal information for the ARTCC / FIR. That's like us regulating the Override, or Intercom feature. Doesn't make much sense.
  22. Javier - Thanks for the information. I prolly will make a stop in Chile, I'm not sure where, or what other countries I am going to fly through. I just know I would like to see some interesting scenery, and some interesting approachs. Any suggestions? In Chile or elsewhere in south America? I want to head down the western side of the continent, swing across the southern portion, then head back up the eastern side and then back to the US or the islands of the caribbean.
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