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  1. Hello gentlemen, I am in the process of starting a tour of the South America's. My first destination of in Equador, SEQU to be exact. As I know it, the airport is smack in the middle of the city, with high terrain in all quadrants. What is the arrival procedures from QIT for approachs into RWY 17 and RWY 35. I know that it entails a number of circuits, but I have been unable to find any approach (QIT to either RWY 17 or 35) procedures, but I do have instrument approach procedures for for RWY 17. Thanks for all the help!
  2. And im not going to plug ZLA, or any other ARTCC. . . but rather, job well done ZKC. From all the pilots that I have spoken to about the event, you guys did a great job. Keep up the quality work.
  3. WOW Jeff. . . calm down boss! Great post though! lol
  4. Yeah, Ft. Jackson is JUST NE of Columbia. Right outside of I77, where as Shaw is about 40-50mins E on HWY 378 in Sumter SC. I'll see what I can do, would certainly be a pleasure to shake your hand as well. Only time will tell, and like I said, it will most certainly end up being a last minute decision.
  5. Im out here at Shaw AFB, SC just E of Columbia SC. . . well not just, but about 40-50 mins E of CAE. I may actually fly up to DCA or IAD, who knows. Would be standby, but it would save me from sitting in my car for 6-8hrs+. I unfortunately won't be able to know if I am going to make it until I see the schedule for the month of August.
  6. Glad you did this CM, I would have been hung at the neck if I brought this one up.
  7. I may drive up to DC for a day or two, highly doubt I'll be spending the night at the hotel that the convention is at. DC is only a 6 hour drive north for me.
  8. I am extremely impressed by VATIL, and how you guys developed into a great organization. A long time ago, someone contacted me and told me that this organization was being stood up. I don't remember exactly who it was, or how long ago it was, much less where I was when I was told about it. But that is neither here nor there. Job well done to all the VATIL staffers!
  9. What needs to be added to the fs9.cfg file? I dont seem to have the readme.txt anymore, and I dont really feel like downloading sb again as I already have it installed. But most importantly, Im lazy. Thanks
  10. In my previous around the world flights I have crossed through these airspaces. Only making a stop in Kuwait at OKBK. My line of work allows me the fortunate opprotunity to become familiar with center airports within the Arabian / Persian Gulf region. Is there any insight in when any ATC services on VATSIM will become available for these regions?
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