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  1. Martin: you should leave feedback for that controller. There's no way a controller should be so rigid that a minor mistake (which, honestly, does not affect traffic flow, ground movement, or anything the controller should be worried about) gives him the right to ask you to leave. Don't let one controller ruin VATSIM for you - there'll always be embarrasing moments. Believe me, controllers experience embarrasing moments as well (and pilots are usually quick to point them out on radio!) - take them in your stride, learn from the experience, and get back on the horse
  2. Hi everyone, I've been away from flight simming for quite a while now, but I'm getting back into it now. I'm purchasing a new computer and I'd like to get the VATSIM community's perspective on the system. I'll be using it for FS9 and FSX and I'd like to know what sort of framerates I'd be able to expect in both (preferably with maximum visual settings). It'll also be used for my non-FS stuff (coding, university, etc...). So without further ado, here are what I consider the most relevant specs: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66GHz (Q8400) 8 GB Kingston PC8500 RAM (1066 MHz, 4x2G) Seagate SATAII
  3. Sebastian, we do use the TAAATS setup in VRC for our controlling (see my previous post with the image of my scope). However, we don't have the ability to use Euroscope with TAAATS and several controllers have expressed interest.
  4. Here's what I see on the scope: One 22 inch monitor attached to my 1440x900 laptop screen.
  5. Oops. I knew I'd already posted that. In no way was I intending to bash FSInn, I aplogize sincerely if that is how it came across to you. I should've more closely checked the thread and noticed I'd already stated that the problem was solved.
  6. I did actually find a cure for this problem. I uninstalled FSInn and FSCopilot and FS9 has not crashed on exit since. I prefer SquawkBox anyway, so it wasn't a hard choice - the only thing I used FSCopilot for was keeping FS in real-time and the multi-processor speedups (which actually slowed down the sim :/).
  7. Using task manager, run "explorer.exe" and see what happens. Of course, that is a temporary fix and more like covering up a bigger problem. If you do use that disc, you'll lose everything (you could grab an external hard disk - not expensive these days - and throw all your important data onto it such as pictures, docomeents, etc...).
  8. The best times are around 0700Z to 1200Z, that's our evening and you can usually get a controller on. If us controllers see enough traffic we generally connect (otherwise we sit there for hours on an empty scope).
  9. Hi, I seem to have fixed the problem by uninstalling FSFDT and FSCopilot. FS9 also runs much faster now (constant 25 fps with everything maxed out now, limited to 25 fps )
  10. And now they're back up, and been up for a while now. Small detail that wasn't mentioned . Never know who might avoid the forums if they think they're not up...
  11. Hi everyone, I've been having a problem for a while now that's mainly just a nuisance rather than a serious problem. Basically, when I exit FS9 after flying (at least one flight has to start, otherwise it's fine), it quits and then later pops up telling me that "Microsoft Flight Simulator has stopped working". I'm thinking it must be an addon or module or something, as I've removed all the custom scenery I have installed. I can't remember exactly when this started, but it might have to do with FSUIPC (or even an aircraft I've installed?). Thanks in advance for any help you guys can giv
  12. Well, I had another "first-time" experience today - I tried for the first time using my mic and actually TALKING to ATC. Thankfully the airport was empty so the controller had enough time to correct my mistakes (it's much different to text!) and I made it out without difficulty. It certainly leaves text for dead, I can actually receive and acknowledge instructions while taxiing without swerving all over it
  13. My first flight was relatively easy in comparison. I decided to go to KPHL. The ground controller let me use my FS to reposition instead of taxi (which is great, because taxiing is still a bit haphazard for me in the lighter aircraft, I have no problems taxiing the really big jets) and from there it was simple. My second flight was a bit longer (an hour or so) from KEWR to KPHL. Again, I was permitted to use FS to reposition, and I made it out pretty easily. The real trouble came when I attempted to arrive at KPHL. I got the rw 26 approach, and I didn't know the ILS and GPS deviated from t
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