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  1. To be fair, Jonas is one of the most friendly and helpful controller I know. So he wouldn't force a pilot into a hold, I guess it was ment as a joke or ironic comment. Once he even did look up an old chart for an NDB approach for me, cos the current charts had only the new RNAV approaches. I would really like to know if the pilot quality is going as downhill as one can read in the controller forums.
  2. Too bad we were too late for a flight into Sarajevo, so we had to fly without ATC. I used the opportunity to simulate an engine-out circling approach over the field. Hope to see LQSA online again.
  3. Hi Mirza, It was a pleasure to fly in Portoroz, great job. Sorry for busting some croatian airspace though... I think this forum is not so much public, maybe you should try to advertise your staffing in the Vacc Germany forum too? regards Stefan
  4. Another idea would be to create a sector file preprocessor which can read a meta sector file language and convert it into a valid sector file format. And these high level meta language would include fancy stuff like airspaces, arcs, circles, holdings etc. what the the sector file format doesnt know.
  5. That sounds like a very cool event idea, but a question comes into my mind. Do all pilots count or only member of the participating ARTCCs?
  6. Very nice, I love stories of World Tours and Atlantic Crossings in light planes. Well with the Mustang its almost cheating, but still. Just wanted to point you to a very good website for Atlantic Crossings: http://xpda.com/flyingtoeurope/.
  7. Hi Zsolt, In my impression the numbers of VFR pilots in light planes and helicopters are increasing. I even dare to fly IFR in light planes. For the Vatsim Germany VFR Thuesday you should look for general information here and for the next event tomorrow here. But take care, the skies might be crowded with a special kind of flyers. They call themselves "Friesenflieger", you have been warned.
  8. In these areas you have to expect many changed runway designators due to the high rate of change of the magnetic variation.
  9. That sounds cool, I remember the good old days of the Piper Memorial Flying Club. Maybe I can recruit some VFR guys from the neighborhood. 1800zulu collides slightly with saturday family diner time though. Btw, I found a really nice freeware Oshkosh Scenere here: http://www.fs-mp.com/oshkosh/ cya Stefan
  10. Hi, One could rise the question if any announcement on a UNICOM or CTAF frequency can be enforced by regulation. What happens with a pilot, which doesn't announce himself on UNICOM? Is there any supervisor watching pilots taking of from a noncontrolled airport? Probably not, so you can't rely on UNICOM anyway, therefore see and avoid applies. With that deduction one could say, it is not unfair to hearing impaired or deaf people to enable people without that disability to have fun on a "advisory" only frequency, or is it? Stefan
  11. You could give Flightplanpro (http://www.flightplanpro.eu/) a try. Works similar to Autoplan but a bit different.
  12. I think this point is crystal clear , however in some areas there are very few VSOAs, if any. In addition, in some coutries, VSOA ops are limited due to legal restrictions (confidentiality) of r/w procedures. As I understand the vatsim regulations, formation flying from point A to point B is allowed, and therefore also splitting and joining formations. If you do intercepts as part of formation flying (with formation callsigns), I don't know if its a problem.
  13. Mike, if you're going to propose dates, pls leave a note here. If I have time, I'd like to join you. There was Piper Memorial Club, we flew every Saturday, but it died after some month due to low activity.
  14. Hi, You should register yourself (for free) at Eurocontrol, and use their Basic EAD application to get charts and AIP regulations for the most part of europe. Here is the link: http://www.ead.eurocontrol.int/publicuser/public/pu/login.jsp cu
  15. Hi, Indeed! Unfortunately we were waiting for some late pilots and later on recovering a crashed buddy. Sorry again for confusing Teamspeak with the tower freq. and almost buzzing your control zone. Apparently that U-turn on the border made some more confusion. Don't forget to check the sceenshots Mike and I posted in the screenshot forum. cu
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