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  1. Do a google search for "VirtualDub". That should get you started, but you'll need to read the instructions. It is freeware.
  2. Re-read his post Has he rebuilt the FSNav DB index? Just installing the update isn't enough.
  3. But, keep in mind though, some of those flight plans are amended in-air for weather/traffic and such. I'd get on Flightaware myself and make sure the route didn't look like the letter C before I'd go ahead and say 'yep, you're right'...
  4. You can download squawkbox 3 at squawkbox.ca. This isnt an easy hobby. You cant just learn to fly overnight. We are all still learning something even some of those old 81xxxx folks.Try learning the control surfaces of the aircraft and then try some traffic patterns.Read the PRC I know its long but its worth it. I can guarantee you some of us 81xxxx folks still learn something on this... I will tell you this. Take the two or three days of reading the PRC and you will be happy you did. This ain't World of Warcraft...
  5. The LOAs we use on the network are taking into consideration several things, but keep in mind that the level of traffic on our network does not mirror the real world. It makes for simplification and ease of traffic flow between us. Just because we're not using the real LOAs doesn't mean the ones we do use don't work for our application. The issuance of an out of date STAR for St Louis isn't the result of bad LOA AFAIK. We just do not use the numerical identifiiers in the verbage of the Letters of Agreement. So, if we refer to a STAR that we want an adjoining center to use, we would ref
  6. Keep in mind that this was done with all the controllers at a central location. I believe it was in Nashua NH at a hotel. Did you stop to think that either a) The hotel kicked them out of the conference room. b) They lost the connection there. If they were doing it from a hotel, from past experience, I know that a conference internet connection ain't cheap and will be metered. Just something to keep in mind after some people spent money to be controllers for this event and essentially give up four hours of their Saturday.
  7. From what I understand, the academy is currently undergoing an 'overhauling'....
  8. It was pretty fun and uneventful by FNO standards. I had three definitive rushes as I worked MCI Tower. Each rush usually was about 8 to 10 aircraft down the line. Had some departures to STL which made things fun. Then, right before I closed down and we had several aircraft on the downwind segment, we had a pretty abrupt wind shift (from 200 @ 10 to 040 @ 29 gusting 38), so I'm switching ATIS and telling both my approach controllers to switch configurations. Both John Holt and Jason Helkenberg deserve a HUGE pat on the back for the way they vectored these guys back to the south to get
  9. Why not? If the ATM is on vacation, isn't that what the DATM is there for? The ATM should give his DATM all the tools necessary to fulfill the daily tasks of the ATM while he's away. I'm not saying he should give the DATM all of the responsibilities of the ATM, only those necessary for the mundane day-to-day operations, like transfer application processing. I'm just trying to give a helpful suggestion, so if my tone seems confrontational, please don't take it that way. Transferring requires access to a secure website that the DATM sometimes is not privy to, if that answers your qu
  10. And please also keep in mind that the ATMs and DATMs are real people; I know my ATM is on vacation at this very moment, and sometimes the DATM does not have the means to complete the transfer.
  11. I don't know that the above statement about ASRC is true...I do know for a fact ASRC has a 'rundown' feature, when is essentially the same as VRC's push strip feature. Something that someone should probably test to make sure. Now if you're talking about the proprietary data that you are allowed to enter in the VRC flight strips, I was under the impression that wasn't able to transfer in either client, VRC to VRC client included, since that would require rewrite of the server code to accomodate.
  12. Correct..this has to do with Vista's limited hardware support right now. I've seen those issues mainly with video drivers on the motherboard (of the Intel variety). I have an NVidia 7950GTX videocard that VRC runs quite well on Vista Ultimate 64bit.
  13. It happened in SATCO quite often (I started in 1998), the reason being our membership was so low, it was essentially to announce we were online. We also did not have Servinfo, so it was tough to tell who was online unless you actually connected.
  14. As did for me. Still, nothing beats our "Elvis" impersonator at the hotel bar at the ORD Hilton last year. Jeff, I still have the pictures...
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