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  1. The divergence of ATC training standards across VATSIM undermines the point of a global policy, which was implemented to fix this very issue about 15 (or so) years ago. I don’t think this is the fault of an individual division, each is charged solely with offering the best it can for its own members. I’d say instead this is a historic failure of the Executive Committee that has, for as long as I can member, done nothing of any value or notice. If not the reason, it is certainly one in support of the current move to abolish it all together. Lets see what the new governance structure can do rather than pick at individual policies. You really are wasting your well intentioned efforts.
  2. If there was an organised event it would be fine. VATUK had a derogation for years where members who were in contact with military ATC were permitted to undertake VSOA activities so long as they were under positive control. Airshows are not inherently military activities either. Its aerobatics. You do not need to be a member of a VSOA to do aerobatics on VATSIM. Let’s think outside the box a bit chaps. I don’t think anyone should take this conversation to be a ‘go right ahead’, however with some collaboration and teamwork, minimising any impact on others, I can’t see a reason why a way couldn’t be found to allow it. Even if case-by-case.
  3. I can't edit my last post and wanted to add: If there was ATC available it would be easy to slot in anybody who wants to fly in between the displays. As long as it is organised properly there could be coordination with us to not enforce A9 for those on the ground watching for the duration of the event. As long as it isn't spur of the moment I don't think it is an issue.
  4. Can somebody provide a good reason why they're banned? As long as it is organised out of the way somewhere, who cares?
  5. Thanks Justin, great work turning this around so quickly.
  6. I think it is worth highlighting that whilst members may have less visibility of the identity of account holders, Supervisors and Administrators are able to trace all connections back to the account. Any trolling or other incidents continue to be managed in the same way.
  7. Please can you consider rolling back to the original default theme until the replacement has been fixed for iOS please? The forum is unusable for me at the moment.
  8. Can the number of brightly coloured names in the user list be cut down to the bare minimum [i.e. the VPs]? I don’t know why highlighting who is a web developer [etc] is needed. Most of VATSIM are staff in some way so I don’t want to take part in a psychedelic trip every time I log in 😛
  9. It may be of interest that we recently looked at FS9 usage at BAVirtual. Our stats showed that about 36 of our 1,000 active members were actively using that platform. The number of members has been decreasing for some time.
  10. Each to their own. If you want to feather your own nests then thats up to you. I think its sad that a VATSIM staff title and a callsign is seen by some as an important aspect of their life. I've volunteered here and continue to do so. I seek no reward. Perhaps I shouldn't hold people to my own standards of volunteering purely for all members benefit, rather than my own . Even if offered some courtesy rating/callsign, I'd decline it. I take enjoyment from seeing the benefits from my actions volunteering on the network, (introducing formal pilot training on a large scale to VATUK, aiding in the formalisation of standardisation of supervisor activities for consistent member experiences, training supervisors and many others). A fake title and a fake callsign to m[Mod - Happy Thoughts]age my ego is so ridiculous it is a joke in itself. Then again, I have a real title in a real company. Perhaps being a VATSIM "manager" is as senior as it gets for some. Maybe those who use these courtesy callsigns and titles don't realise how stupid they look? Perhaps this is another thing I'd change about VATSIM. The ridiculous titles people have. I've had some myself, looking back on it. Lets stop blowing people's egos out of proportion and giving them cause to believe they are employed the FAA/CAA. Staff have such a big part to play in improving the network, but they really are its biggest problem!
  11. Okay, well why doesn’t everyone who has done a good deed get to keep their SUP/ADM rating, access to all staff forums, email addresses. Heck, let’s let people keep their titles too. There is a good reason why not, and that should apply equally across the board. It’s a matter of principle. Especially when the same people making the argument you are, and those using these “courtesy call signs” are the first to slap down eager members wanting to join staff teams for “wanting to do it for the wrong reason”. My view is that VATSIM is a level playing field where people volunteer because volunteering is the right thing to do, not for reasons of status. My view is that there is fairness where members are equal and tools used for people to better the network are not misused for personal reasons, which are however you from it, related to ego and an attempt to carry status. That’s a fairly fundamental point. Try to think deeper about what this issue says about VATSIM. In addition, it breaches the division policy of one division I know it happens in... “Staff members, when operating in an official capacity, may use their staff callsign when logged into the network”. You can’t use a callsign if you aren’t staff!! What official capacity can an ex staff member hold? Misuse of staff privileges is not okay.
  12. In some cultures, goats are sacrificed as a gesture to the Gods. I don't know what it has to do with the price of fish. Frame it however you like, but it is misuse of staff callsigns. You and I have both been staff for a very long time, do we need some form of recognition? I certainly don't. I don't do it for that and if anybody does, they're doing it for the wrong reason!
  13. I’m going to be naughty and add another one. It is ex staff being given reserved staff callsigns (usually by divisions). Why is this a thing? It is cronyism at its worst. VATSIM should not be giving ex staff “perks” like a reserved callsign because it is not their purpose (ie identify an online staff member). It is confusing and also just “wrong”. Please can this be looked into and banned? It makes my skin crawl. Why would anyone want one?!?
  14. Supervisors do not have the ability to crash members computers, nor will they ever. It would be immoral and also illegal. I agree that it sounds like a vpilot or simulation bug.
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