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  1. I don't like exceptions except if it is better for me I don't understand why work what was done for EURoute doesn't count if it isd still useful... but. So. Michal, you can count me in if you need.
  2. Michal... what is my rate in terms of starts?
  3. Dear Martin, Sorry to see you go. Thank you for beeing so long with us and your patience. I realy hope to see you back. Please remember... VATSIM is not one man show (if you have disagreement with someone We are community and it makes us STRONG! If you will be in Lithuania, just drop me a mail! Arunas
  4. Just would like to inform about new release of EYPA intl. Arunas ACCLT1 www.lt-vacc.org
  5. On http://lt-vacc.org/Downloads.htm You can find Vilnius and Kaunas sceneries for X-plane.
  6. Hello Michael, Looks like your mail doesn't work. Therefore plese find our 2 cents from Lithuania below: Callsigns must be like: a) A/c registration (LY stands for Lithuania); example: LY-ABD b) A/c manufacturer or model and registration; example Cessna LY-LMH c) Name of airline and a/c registration signs; example KAUNAS ABD d) Name of airline and flight number. example : KAUNAS 354 or BALTIC 745 Greetings Arunas ACCLT1 www.lt-vacc.org
  7. Dear Pilots, For those who like to discover new places we would like to inform, that on our VACC page www.lt-vacc.org in Downloads section You can find new sceneries for Kaunas (EYKA) and Palanga (EYPA). Hope to see You in Lithuania soon
  8. Dear All, I would like, to invite you, to participate in a CPT for C1 in Lithuania, this Sunday, 13 November 2005. The CPT will be held at EYVI - Vilnius and will begin at 19:00Z (20:00 CET). Duration approx. 2 hours. Candidate: Arunas Stankevicius (VACC-Lithuania) Examiner: Michal Rok (VACC- Poland) Flightplans (EUroute): Inbound EYVI: http://www.euroutepro.com/fp/fp_main.php?dep=%&arr=EYVI Outbound EYVI: http://www.euroutepro.com/fp/fp_main.php?dep=EYVI&arr=% Procedures, Charts and Scenery: Lithuania VACC: http://www.lt-vacc.org/ T
  9. Nice post. One question. If Plane is on Instrument approach and RW becomes blocked (unexpected plane, new pilot etc.). What commant should issue ATC. I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume "Go arround" or am I wrong?
  10. Hello, I'm not expert in X-Planes. In case that I tahe care about one vACC, I got from X-Plane users scebery for our airport. So, it could be, that some one made scenry for Your airport as well. Greetings Arunas
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