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  1. Thank you Diego for all you have done in VATMEX. And I wish you all the best in your responsibilities. Kind regards.
  2. Gracias Gabriel por todo tu esfuerzo en la División, y muchos éxitos en tus metas personales que afrontarás a partir de ahora! Saludos.
  3. Thank you Adolfo for everything you have done for the vACC. Congratulations Felix! Very well deserved for all your efforts in VATSPA. Saludos y cuentas conmigo si necesitas algo, como siempre. Un fuerte abrazo.
  4. Hello guys. Thanks for the good energies in collaborating with the community, all of you! Kind regards.
  5. Felicitaciones por la nueva VA! Congratulations guys and very nice video.
  6. Congratulations David and welcome aboard!
  7. Hello Michael. If you only want to fly in the Caribbean, it is no necessary to change the Division, unless you want to join the ATC team there. In that case, please let me know and I will help you with the Division change. Regarding the virtual airlines, you can see the approved VAs following this link: https://vasops.vatsim.net/ Hope it helps you. Regards.
  8. Hello Ricardo. Please take a look at the VATCAR webpage, there you will find all the information about the training, and the list of the VATCAR staff to contact in a case that you have any doubt in the process. https://vatcar.net/ Kind regards.
  9. Hello Heyland. I will put you through VATCAR staff in order to get you started in the training process. Kind regards.
  10. Hello everyone. I hardly ever fly in the EURI sector so I am not able to discuss some technicism with you about the operations, but as Nick said, I am sure it was a hard decision and when you are in a staff position this is a daily problem. So I think if the Divisional and FIR staff involved on this agree with the removal of EURI, it should be the best decision. And if they consider to overturn this decision in the future for any cause or event, I am positive they will do it. Time will tell. This is my simple opinion being a member of another VATSIM region. Kind regards!
  11. Me alegro mucho Joaquin. Ya nos veremos online entonces por SAEZ. Saludos cordiales.
  12. Hola Joaquín. A continuación le dejo un link con una página web que contiene escenarios freeware de Argentina para el Prepar3D. Espero que le sirva. http://www.flightsimulatorarg.com.ar/escenarios2_p3d.htm Y disculpe por responder tan tarde a su pregunta. Con respecto a los controladores, este escenario va muy bien y no tenemos problemas. Si usted ya posee otro escenario, no creo que tenga problemas tampoco. Cualquier otra consulta a disposición. Saludos.
  13. Buenas Joaquin. Para qué simulador necesitas saber el escenario? Saludos.
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