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  1. Join real-world air traffic controller Derek Vento tonight on TWITCH TV at 7 PM as he hosts a Q&A style discussion focusing on the National Airspace System and ATC communication tips. He'll be demonstrating fundamental skills on flight sim throughout the discussion! See it live on TWITCH through http://www.aarowav.com!
  2. Always happy to hear a pilot have a great experience. Challenges with flying will always arise but being able to adapt to various situations always makes for fun. All of us on this network love aviation so continue to share your experiences..both pilots and controllers benefit from it!
  3. I appreciate that Randy..I was looking around the forums the other day and realized it will be 5 years this August. I miss the guy, and what I love most is reading everyone's experience they've had with him on this network. I'm sure my discovery of this article isn't a surprise for many but I did find this yesterday. Pretty cool to read up on some of his personal background in aviation. http://www.avsim.com/pages/0902/d_boulay/interview.html
  4. Glad you had an enjoyable experience with the guys in New York, come back sometime soon!
  5. Hey guys, I know many who are involved with VATSIM are either already involved with aviation in some way, shape or form, and many want to get involved with pursuing a career in a rewarding field. Some of you may have already heard the news but for those located in the states, the FAA is hiring controllers this year with no experience required. This will be an OTS (off the street) bid. March 23, 2015 is the tentative date on which the posting will come out on USA Jobs website. Keep your eyes and ears open! Have a great weekend everyone! Be safe!
  6. Sounds interesting Aaron. Have you already left? if so...i'll catch ya on the next leg! If not...when will you depart?
  7. Fly in, out, within, above, or through the Detroit Airspace! Cleveland ARTCC will provide full coverage from 2359Z - 0300Z (7-11PM EST) of the Detroit International Airport. Pilots are more than welcome to navigate to the surrounding airports, and get a glimpse of what ZOB is all about. Have some fun & come fly the friendly skies of ZOB.
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