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  1. Thought this would answer my question below but I think this is the same 2018 licence that has expired?
  2. Is there a new licence available somewhere? Mine has expired and I can't find anything at euroscope.hu
  3. I can't help with the problem reported but I don't believe 'line-up' requires a ground layout. It's based on the runway definition in the scenario file. I believe the aircraft will attempt to intercept the nearest runway centreline and then line up facing the longest runway direction. In my experinece, if the aircraft can't intercept any defined centreline on its presnet heading, its behaviour is a bit unpredictable . In beta r25 it seems to do something reasonably sensible! I've never seen aircraft disconnect when lining up though.
  4. There is the dot command - .ff WAYPOINT1 WAYPOINT2 etc (a space separated list of fixes.) I believe you can make aliases for example to toggle runways .ffrwy .ff BAGSO DEXEN VATRY OLONO OLAPO Then if you start with OLONO and OLAPO displayed and the others hidden, every time you type .ffrwy they will switch over to the other runway . This is from memory when I used a similar thing years ago - I hope it works, but it is still a bit of a bodge.
  5. What aircraft type? I'm not sure if this is relevant, but I have sometimes encountered aircraft when flying with Swift that I can't see even on the ground. When I get very close, I can see the nav and taxi lights but nothing else. Just wondered if this is the same issue?
  6. Thanks for the heads-up. Looks like it's fixed for me in FSX as well ( Thanks guys.
  7. Same problem at EGBB on Monday night 040020Z metar. The correct one came up an hour or so later though.
  8. Just add a level for VEVSI in your route? I have noticed this issue, but it just means you have to plan the profile in the scenario, just as you would if you were flying the plane
  9. Is there not some software you can download from the manufacturer that enables you to program keys or key sequences onto the buttons? That's what I've done with my Logitech trackball.
  10. There is also a display messages option in the ES menu. When this is selected, text messages appear separately at the top left of the scrren. I find it easier to notice them and to read them up there. When you've actioned them you can double click on the message and remove it (the individual message).
  11. Probably not a Swift issue but... Flying online this afternoon with Swift v0.9.3, I was happily working a sequence of controllers during an event, then handed to Unicom (I was running ahead of the event time scale). 10 minutes later, I was expecting to see other controllers come online but no one appeared. Then I received a 'contact me' message and when I called on the frequency there was nothing there. I appeared to be still connected (and they could obviously see me online. I decided to try disconnecting and reconnecting and got the error message 'server full'. I tried another server an
  12. Ah. OK I'd forgotten that. Yes 32bit version. The difference I noticed is that v0.9.3 gave me the correct barometric pressure in the sim according to the METAR. That was how I noticed the weather had not been set. For example, if I activate the weather before launching FSX (!), Swift says the weather is "on" and the button changes to Deactivate. If I then launch FSX, Swift stays open OK but I notice it hasn't set the pressure in the sim. So I click Deactivate and then Activate and 4 seconds later Swift closes.
  13. I have used the public alpha for a bit with complete success with FSX in both standalone and distributed modes. When I upgraded to the first public version of 0.9.4 I noticed the following symptom: Launch Swift Launcher - click GUI (same machine and same machine as FSX.) Click weather page. Click Activate. Swift displays the updated weather data and the message "Swift weather is on" 4 seconds later Swift closes completely with no error and the weather in FSX is not updated. It seems to fail when injecting the weather but I can't find any error message to explain it. Is this a known i
  14. If you are comfortable editing text files you can open the file in Notepad and delete all the lines beginning with 'RecentFiles' The profile file is in your Docomeents/Euroscope folder normally. The lines will contain 'Recent1'..'Recent2' etc. Doesn't matter what order they are in or which, if any, you leave. Best not to do it while Euroscope is open. Of course this doesn't delete the asr files themselves, just the link in the dropdown list.
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