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  1. No problem Harold! I'm glad you asked because it gave me the opportunity to explain. Alot of people have those misconceptions!
  2. Welcome back, Joe... Justin, When you're old enough to stay up past 10pm you can quote me. P.S. I was gone for 15 days...c'mon now!
  3. Exactly! Except you're forgetting: unforseen delays, Part 121 Operating rules, and you don't get to choose what or where you fly. You can bid on a schedule tho. =) Changes to look forward to include regional code share routes and new equipment types...and of course the promise that anything over 18 pilots will simulate real traffic levels at our hubs during ANY regular night on VATSIM.
  4. Luke, Thanks for the kind words. I have someone working on the new site as we speak. We're aiming for a fall launch.
  5. Incorrect. It is not a sim of Airtran, although we chose Airtran's colors and callsign, nor are we "not allowed" to use Airtran's name on the site. We have already discussed all this with Airtran's legal department and I can use whatever I want that they don't own a copyright to (any file copied directly from their website.) We chose them because we felt like it. The ATP Experience is just what the name says...the only place on VATSIM to experience and learn what it's like being a pilot for a commercial airline... JX
  6. hey aaron! How's it goin? Just FYI, we never closed. I just decided I would rather have the website 100% complete and everything in place before continuing so that the staff can enjoy the VA too. There are a few surprises we are working on for our launch which should be late summer/early fall. We have some really cool new toys and some more innovative ideas. Trust me you'll love it. Any ATPx members who need to contact me can still use my previous email.
  7. look, if i am not welcome in these forums you guys need to tell me so i can stop wasting my time. I am sick-n-tired of my posts getting deleted quietly. WTH is wrong with all these power hungry VATSIM staff members?
  8. get with Benton. He can show you how to fix it. Also I believe you need to redo the sector file to match our updated sector file.
  9. Euro scope is hands down the most realistic radar client for VATSIM. The only drawback is that it is designed to model Euro style radars and not American. It can combine/decombine sectors, automate handoffs, track your sector entry and exit times, alert of route or off altitude, alert MSAW, alert you when it's time for a hand-off, record/playback your session, training mode, and much more. Of course VRC is much simpler. I would use Euroscope if I had an accurate ESE for ZTL... but i'm too lazy to write one.
  10. anyone who gets the txt file is probably using firefox. Use Internet Explorer and Right Click--->Save As
  11. hahahahahaha that is truly correct about this wonderful online community. and, Matt...as long as you're buying the drinks!
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