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  1. Eugene, congrats on your new appointment. You'll do a great job. Your dedication to your hobby is phenominal. Dick Teh
  2. After observing online for awhile, I'm disturbed at the low presence of controllers here. It seems that the controllers here are logging more times for cockpit rather than scope times. Sinvacc is not a VA. It was first started in 2006 to boost the ATC services in South East Asia region. I will retract my earlier statement and agrees with Romano observations. Dick Teh
  3. Congrats! Deepan, Asia Region will continue to improve under your leadership. Dick Teh
  4. Mr Woo, The progress and growth of VATASIA today is the testimony of your many hours of tireless effort and hardwork put into it. You had displayed your abilities as a true leader, an able administrator, someone who dared to take a risk, challenged the status quo, thought creatively and innovatively to achieve what was deemed impossible. You had not only a great vision but superb strategy and execution. Its indeed a privilege for me to had worked alongside with you for a brief period of time. Thank you and all the best. Dick Teh [sINVACC 06-07] [VATASIA2 07-08]
  5. Hi Vietnam Controllers, Congrats on obtaining the prestigious Iron Mic Twr Awards. Continue the efforts and I'm sure more traffic will be coming your way. Dick Teh [sINVACC 06-07] [VATASIA2 07-08]
  6. Delwyn, great effort on the video. Hope to see some ATC in the coming vids. Thanks! Romano, I'm sure the present team are doing their bit. Exams are around the corner. I had always advised my previous team of controllers that real world commitment comes first over the recreational hobby. Give them time, I'm sure it will improve. Appreciate your frankness though. Dick Teh
  7. Fantastic video production. Thanks for posting and sharing with us. Dick Teh
  8. Shantanu I want to congratulate you on your promotion to VATIND1. I have always enjoyed working with you and wish you all best as you help VATIND to move forward. Abhay, congrats on your new appointment. Thanks Deepan for all your hard work that you have done in your IND1 seat
  9. Mr Teshiba, You will be missed, thank you for all you have done to make the VATJPN shine. Mr Yamane, Congrats! Keisuke, Job well done. You deserve it.
  10. Bowen Chau announced today that Ben Chan has been appointed the new Sinvacc ATM. Please welcome him to his new appointment.
  11. On behalf of South East Asia region, I would like to thank all pilots in taking part our Caution Wake Turbulence and Spirit of Mumbai event held on 28th July 2007. Many thanks to all VATSEA and VATSIM India controllers participating in this event. Special thanks to the supporting ATC from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and as well ATC in VATJPN and VATKOR. In addition, special thanks to Joe Leung on his efforts for his post event report. In his report, he has made some interesting observations and good recommendations on certain flight routes. I will be working closely with the respective event directors on how to promote and increase traffic on these routes. We are planning to organise more interesting events in Asia Region. Next up, our annual event - Eastern Wind 2007 in Sep 07. This year, we will be expecting more major airports to open up and greater ATC coverage. You will be spoilt for choice. Details will be release later. Regards,
  12. Hi Eugene, Sent me a mail dickteh [at] singnet [dot] com [dot] sg and I'll see what can be done to bring you up to speed. [Added] Alternatively, you can visit SINVACC website at www.sinvacc.info and click "Join Us"
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