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  1. :) Sorry, Hamish Bill: I think I saw your comment about big tin in the Scottish forum and I put 2&2 together, resulting in the ENIAC value of 3.999999. Anyway, lots of folks like the thought of being Scots. When folks here in Canada hear my accent, they nearly always say, "I'm Scottish too!" despite never having been there, simply because their old folks came from there in the fifties. Some of them are actually more Scottish than the Scots, with weekly pipe band marches (no, really).
  2. Yep. A bit of a desert in here at the moment. You could try Pilot Talk under Discussion. But I've heard (Bill Casey, Scotland) that trying to use MSFS2020 with "big tin" right now is not a great idea.
  3. To paraphrase Dave van Ronk: "and each one knows They're NOT alone When the sacred Center closes" Sorry, couldn't resist that :)
  4. A small semantic point: it appears that "when ready" is spoken before the action, eg. "when ready, taxy to runway 18..." whereas "at your discretion" is spoken after the action, eg. "takeoff at your discretion." If that is the case from my reading of ICAO Doc 444) then technically "taxy when ready" is minimally incorrect, but no one would die if it were used :).
  5. Is it not the case that the first transmission from pilot to ATC should simply be to declare that the pilot has a message? In RW UK, we always opened new communication with ATC by saying, for example, "Glasgow Tower, G-AVUS" then falling silent, waiting for ATC to acknowledge our existence. Other aircraft already in contact with ATC can continue communicating until tower says "G-AVUS, pass your message" or possibly "G-AVUS stand by" which would allow an existing contact to continue. None of this takes up much air time, and ATC can schedule communications by choosing which aircraft to service n
  6. +1 Also, there is the question of what makes something an "achievement." For example, hand-flying an ILS approach may be an achievement for some, but old hat for others. I'd be a bit unhappy for anyone to decide on what is and what is not an achievement for me. I resigned from a virtual airline because what they decided was a successful flight was in my opinion a disaster. I could hear the passengers screaming as I turned on a very VERY short final, banking at 60 degrees and pulling 2G. The fact that I got her down on the centreline without rolling into a metal ball was good enough for th
  7. Thanks Andreas and Brad. Very interesting. Brad, your info is from the US bible, so I tried to find similar exceptions in the Canadian publication, but failed. The folks at CYYZ RW may be able to use similar abbreviations but I can't see where that is acknowledged in the docs. There is no such exception in the UK. Indeed, a UK controller reading out a frequency like that would likely be taken out behind the tower and shot. :) Different worlds, different emphases.
  8. I've recently started looking at Euroscope, and living in Canada now, I also have Canscope installed. I've spent a little time observing Toronto activity and as a RW flying instructor from the UK I was impressed by the quality of Vatsim ATC there. Dor Bashan in particular was very precise and coherent (both as pilot and ATC), obeying all the phraseology rules very nicely. I'm sure that there are many others In VatCan who also do the job properly, but I haven't listened in enough yet to confirm that. However, when I went on to RW Toronto using liveatc to see how the pros do it, I quickly d
  9. Andreas, are you sure that this a public forum? I do agree that the VACC needs to take action here, but from my perspective it's good to know that Vatsim ATC can be just like Vatsim pilots some times … :)
  10. For VFR planning in RW and on VATSIM I use two paper docs: one for flight planning and one for flight execution, but I don't think they're very relevant to commercial IFR work. However, I've attached them anyway :).
  11. As a flying instructor flying with a student from Glasgow Airport to the local flying area or on cross-country exercises, we always flew VFR. The rules were different in the open FIR compared to the control zone: in the control zone we flew standard entry-exit lanes between the airfield and the designated reporting points, but outside controlled airspace we simply reported position on request from ATC or as a courtesy when arriving at a significant point en route, updating our time of arrival at our destination. CARPACER was used extensively. :) So our VFR booking-out procedure, completed
  12. Quoted texts and some images in signatures don't appear here (Firefox 48, OSX 10.6.8, and yes, I know, these are old specs so you'll tell me to upgrade my machine, which I can't without losing important apps). Attached is a screenshot of what I got from Nick Marino'v's recent post, which misses both of these things:
  13. Hi Andreas! Long time no talk. I trust you are well. There are several excellent beers from Belgium which match wine for strength. Piraat, for example, is 10.5%, I believe, and Duvel is a close second. And the bubbles increase the rate of absorption of the alcohol so the stuff has a more immediate effect than wine. Or so I've been told… :)
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