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  1. The wonders of abbreviation. A pre-departure clearance is not a PDC unless it is in text form, but both things convey the same information... and the voice version must be read back because ATC requires proof that the voice message was received correctly, whereas the text version is presumed (technology notwithstanding) to have been received if the pilot confirms that by setting the correct squawk code. Would a voice message from the pilot saying something like "PDC received" or "Roger PDC" be equally acceptable?
  2. Ah, right. I had assumed that PDC meant "pre-departure clearance" as per Alex's example out of JFK. Do I have that wrong?
  3. Understood. And readback is only required to confirm to ATC that the transmission was received correctly. With text PDC that will be the case. But Rob seemed to suggest that even readbacks of voice PDCs were not required.
  4. That would make it more sensible to always use text PDCs. It would save a lot of airtime. Two minutes plus for a US departure clearance?? (re. Alex Ying above) But I believe that every ATC instruction requires a read-back, so does this imply that, in the US at least, a PDC is not an instruction and therefore a pilot can depart on any route whatever?
  5. :) I was just concerned that you somehow believed that your situation re. a refreshed account was the reason.
  6. You will have the P0 already, as Dustin suggests, so you will be able to connect to the network for flying. But why re-download FSX if you already have it?
  7. Yep. There is a kind of duet sung between ATC and pilot normally, regarding the procedures and clearances in preparation for flight, and that duet is sung continually during the flight, with the lyrics of both singers (ATC and pilot), changing as the flight progresses. Pre-departure clearance is one of the verses on the way. It's been customary for a pilot to get set up with the flight plan loaded in the FMS, and while the pax are loading, to ask for clearance when the pilot needs it, in good enough time so that any variations from the filed plan required by ATC can be accommodated. Havi
  8. I tried following that link and it didn't appear. I even tried copying the typo ("c0entre") and that didn't work. Could you try refreshing your browser's cache? A lot of these old links to the now defunct Pilot Resource Centre (different from the Pilot Learning Centre) have now been redirected to the PLC.
  9. That's interesting. As a commercial pilot RW you shouldn't find ATC comms difficult. So what exactly was the "comminications speed" problem? Is it simply your lack of currency?
  10. Painful. I don't know yet how the LevelD 767 handles trim and there may be a similar issue once I get this pit flying. We'll see! I think all the variables for that are available via FSUIPC/Lekseecon - at least, I hope so - and I can interface my trim system to that to perhaps avoid that issue. For real world light singles if course the trim is purely mechanical: for the Piper Tomahawk, it's simply a spring which adds to the pilot's trim forces to cancel out the aerodynamic effect on the elevator, while on the PA28 and (I think) Cessnas it's an anti-servo tab on the tailplane which does
  11. There is no "they" here. It's all "we" and it includes you as well as me. If you think we are against you, you are wrong, so please don't take that attitude. And if things take longer than you want, please remember that we are ALL volunteers and we all have lives outside of VATSIM, so your specific needs take second place, as do mine.
  12. Looks like the same as last time.
  13. Are you sure? VFR flight in Cass D, for example, is quite common. Maybe I misunderstand your point. :)
  14. Ah. I misunderstood, thanks.
  15. What do you mean? What circumstances do you refer to by saying "still?"
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