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  1. Controllers will provide an ATC service to any aircraft which is flying legally in their airspace, and it doesn't matter what the aircraft is. Many flights in Vatsim are conducted in private light single-engine prop aircraft, both VFR and IFR, and controllers are happy to handle them.
  2. ... except of course that the P0 rating allows members to fly on the network. I'm wondering if there might be value in considering changing that?
  3. Actually, I'm not at all offended. You are absolutely correct in the assumption that some folks who are as old as you and I :) are not as adventurous as they once were in their youth, but I also know that some folks who are still afflicted with youth hold the belief that everyone over their age plus ten is past it, and that the experience built up over many (many, many) years is irrelevant in the light of the white heat of their immaturity. Your post gave me the opportunity to say some things about that.
  4. Please don't misunderstand. I'm totally behind Cor in his unhappiness about this situation, but maybe I'm sensitised to the age thing, so I thought it would be helpful to point out that the age thing works both ways. That was the only point of my post. I've seen some pretty derogatory remarks about Vatsim being an "old people network" and I just wanted to say that for me, and possibly for others, the sun doesn't shine out of every youngster, no matter how technically adept they may be. Andreas Kohl welcomes the move to Json because it makes sense, and it truly does. But being a good devel
  5. Whoa! Hold on there, sunshine! :) As someone who has quite a few years behind him, I do know that some of us older types can get a bit set in their ways, but I dislike the assumption you seem to be making, that "they" (ie. folks "of an age") globally cling desperately to their past. That is not a characterisation of older folks: it's a caricature. It could equally be postulated, as a caricature, that all young folks today think only of themselves and care naught for others, so that when they present the Next New Thing, they are so fixated on its Greatness that they forget the basics of co
  6. And remember that you may not have ATC coverage throughout your flight. ATC can log off at any time. And actually, so can you! The only thing which is not acceptable is for you to log ON in the middle of controlled airspace except at the gate, but you can log on outside CAS in flight and then enter from outside, with a filed flight plan.
  7. I assume he wants to connect as an observer, to " listen and learn" and that's quite acceptable, but if he wants to fly and listen and learn, how is that different from logging in as pilot?
  8. But don't fly as an observer. You can't expect ATC service if you are simply observing.
  9. A couple of things. Firstly, we live in a world of standards. So Vatsim has standards, therefore rather than basing action on recommendations, we base our decisions regarding competence on measurable quantities, measured against our set standards. You can usefully argue that our standards are flawed, but they are less flawed than personal recommendations. Nothing wrong with recommendations, but measurable standards are better. Secondly, would you also apply your criterion to a request from a pilot to "bump up" a controller to a higher level based on that pilot's experience with that contr
  10. The information we have is that your login should work an hour after your P0 pass. If it has been 24 hours, contact Membership: as Mats says, it may be a password typo :)
  11. As will every external organisation which previously used the SSO. I assume that these have all been notified? Or will they simply discover the change when folks stop using their service?
  12. I know nothing about Australian procedures but I imagine that you follow ICAO specifications fairly well. I'd have thought that after 90 hours instruction you would have radio chat off pat. I don't know what you mean by "standard radio calls for lane entry" but I'd be very confused (not unusual :) if these weren't specific to an airfield and also weren't transmitted in the normal ATC calls format. So they ought to be sort of like VFR or IFR clearances to/from an airfield, following standard routes as published in the plates. I don't know (sorry) if your Civil Aviation Safety Authority pub
  13. SSO was retired by the tech team on April 1st. This may be as a result of that, but I know nothing about it.
  14. Your link to the Connect docs says that the Atlassian Cloud site is "currently unavailable."
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