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  1. Hi, On mobile devices at least, the top header is white as well as the button to open the menu, thus hard to log in unless you know where the button is 🙂 Android, Chrome 80 something Otherwise it looks really good 🙂 Anders
  2. About us Virtual Norwegian, hereby vNorwegian, is based on the low cost carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle. Norwegian is the fifth largest low-cost carrier in the world. Our operations are mixed with everything from shorter domestic flights to longer flights. We offer over 500 routes to more than 150 destinations in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Caribbean, South America, the US and Canada. The seasonal changes to our route portfolio creates a high diversity. Our fleet consists of around 150 aircraft, including Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737 MAX 8 and Boeing 787 aircraft.
  3. Screenshots recently posted https://www.facebook.com/groups/vatsim/permalink/10160810672640602/
  4. Any idea when we might see a solution to this? Thanks
  5. The VATSIM academy doesn't have the P2 rating. You can see who offers the P2 (and higher) ratings here: https://ptd.vatsim.net/atos Anders
  6. You probably cannot register or sign in because you aren't in the development team, which that login seems to be for, hence the subdomain dev.swift-project.org
  7. Both of these exists.. Full list of airports/heliports in Norway in AIP Norway GEN 2.4
  8. This is why I love the standarized AIPs in Europe where this type of info can be found in the enroute docomeents, part 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3, instead of guessing based on east/west or north/south Easy to find throughout all countries, and no need to worry about flying on the wrong levels
  9. No idea if this would help, but may I suggest to lower the output volume in vPilot if you haven't already? I never have more than 15% there myself and the sound is a lot better that way.
  10. Richard, as these guys have already explained, swift is not an oceanic tool, but rather a pilot client, just like vPilot. I believe they wrote some time that CPDLC is considered to be integrated, and if they do I hope it'll be possible for me to connect this onto that as well
  11. Yeah, something like that could work! Yep, indeed it would have to be accepted by the controller. But I already have an idea for that as well: "incoming position reports" where you could accept (and let the system update itself + auto read-back to the pilot perhaps) or reject it for whatever reason. Considering the current state of the map, hopefully around 100% better The issue right now, I believe, is that a certain file is called every time the map is refreshed, which is quite a lot right. Even, who has created the basics of the map itself, thinks he has some ideas on how to improve
  12. Thanks Jonathan: To some degree yes. Although I'm not a 'Concorde on VATSIM' fan, I have included track SM, SN and SO to work with the clearance, tho I gotta read up those procedures again so the example text is correct (ish). Block flight level is not supported, at least not yet..but we'll see. Mach higher than 1 is possible yes. Normally it will only accept 2 numbers, but if the first number is 1 or 2 it will accept up to 3 numbers if I don't recall all wrong. Kirk: In theory I could set it up so the pilots can enter their own data and send automatically to us, but I don't think I
  13. Hi guys! As there seemed to be some interest in the post your scope thread, I've (after a long time) decided to start a separate thread for my WIP oceanic tool here. The current version of the OCA tools can be found at http://oca.vnas.net (most things I present in this thread is not implemented here yet as I'm working on a completely new build on another domain) The third version's coming along nicely :) Although I really wish I could get more time to work on it.. I've created two list types this time; one based on the simple Excel sheet and one based on one image of the GAATS
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