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  1. Hello, I'm currently working on the Scottish Control pack which will be based on the Professional Mode etc. Everything is going okey but sometimes there is a problem with terminating aircrafts when they are cooming to land or leaving airspace to UNICOM. Funny thing is that sometimes it terminates aircraft propperly and sometimes it doesnt. So now the problem... When I do Uncorrelate aircraft and then release it, aircraft dissapears of my sector exit list and appears on my sector inbound list, it is perfectly fine if the aircraft is still in my airspace. But after aircraft leaves my ai
  2. I dont see any problem with this. I think there is no limits on this yet?. Its my own time i have holidays from school. I will have time to make a good sleep like in 50years. I am not making any errors as for now so i dont see any problems with it. When i feel i am to tired to do this i will just logoff and go sleep, not yet my eyes are even not closing. Ciao Maciej.
  3. My new EGPH_TWR/GND View. Its pretty i know
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