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  1. It´s an interesting perspective from pilot´s that they want to do the position reports. Sure it´s fun to do as a pilot, then throw off the headset, maintain SELCAL watch and then do another one in an hour or so. If you flip the view to the ATCO side, now imagine having to do constant position reports for the duration of your session, non stop check-ins and position reports. The frequency congestion would be astronomical and it´s just not humanly sustainable for such a long session, i.e. for 8 hours or more, we had the absolute minimum staff needed in Reykjavik CTA to pull our part and everyone
  2. To clarify, I was mainly referring to the confusing terms of naming and callsigns. A pilot sees _FSS - and it´s the agency from where they get their clearances. I´m nit picking at the actual login. I think it would serve better to be able to log in as CZQX_CTR for example and then simulate the radio, rather then logging on as the radio and simulating the control unit. One reason for this would be flexibility. This way you open the possibility of opening up a CZQX_FSS and have someone work in the capacity as a radio operator and actually provide that relief from HF as the real world unit i
  3. Hi I´m not sure if this is a technology limitation with the FSD servers. The whole BICC_FSS, CYQX_FSS and EGGX_FSS - Iceland Radio, Gander Radio - Shandwick Radio (just to name a few...) - acting as direct control agencies under the callsign of their respective radio's is somewhat feeding into the misconception that the units behind them are control agencies. Obviously they are not. Now that we have HF support via frequency aliasing in AFV, isn´t it time to consider using these facilities in the way that they work in real life ? I.e. relays between the actual ATC units and aircr
  4. Hi - just so you are aware you will be out of VHF coverage in the orange/red waypoints flying through BIRD (you might be in range at 72N50W). POL UN601 TLA UN601 STN N610 RATSU 6600N/02000W 6900N/03000W 7100N/04000W 7200N/05000W INGUM 7000N/08000W 6800N/09000W 6400N/10000W 6000N/10700W YMM J527 YNY J503 YDC JAKSN GLASR1. The transceivers in Iceland have been set as per RL. Below is the real life coverage, you might get lucky between 30W and 46W since VATSIM coverage does not take the terrain into account, but it's still at the edge of the circles. Might want to pla
  5. I just wanted to give thanks to everyone involved with bringing the new voice system online. It has really brought back the joy of doing on-line ATC. Plugging back in after all this time, with this system in effect brought back memories of "damn this is cool" I experienced first with SATCO then VATSIM. Thank you, and thank you to everyone who has kept this ship running for all these years. You really outdid yourselves
  6. Great news, thanks for the teaser. Looking forward to getting back behind a scope once its live
  7. Hey man, glad to see some 8x's around Hope you're keeping well! All great suggestions! +1 on them all. But the topic was "change ONE thing". Forced weather should absolutely be a thing, at least the winds / oat. Applying mach based separation is impossible without it. Bandboxing should also absolutely be a thing. Pilots should not have to look at funny callsigns and determine from that who to contact - in fact if we could just sign in using our initials then just "open a position" - that should do the trick. We need to do away with top-down ATC coverage. As a center guy I
  8. Add one for the voice codec. Latency in it is an absolute buzzkill keeping me from the scopes for years :F
  9. Perhaps coupled with the psychological experience of this pseudo delay on the xmit light and the actual lag, the effect becomes more pronounced to the user. You're absolutely right on the lag though, I withdraw my earlier comment about it not being a key issue. It´s just that I think that (near) immediate visual (or audio by way of side-tone) indication, that [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ures you that you are transmitting is important as well.
  10. I think one important aspect to get right is to implement half-duplex transmissions. e.g. ATC wont hear incoming transmissions on the frequency he is transmitting on. Same should be said with the transmitting pilot. If the two happend to transmit at the same time - do some sort of frequency blocking effect to any 3rd partie(s) that might be listening. The two would obviously be unaware though. At least that would properly simulate frequency congestion rather than just a bunch of voices at the same time. Such radio simulation already exists in some sims ( Falcon 4 BMS to name one).
  11. I can't hold back either: You're not participating on the network just because of the codec..? It´s not necceserily the quality of the transmission but the inherent lag in transmissions that´s hard to get over. Having worked R/L radios for some time makes it doubly unbearable. Working tower, approach or a busy center with what is comparable in delay to working HF traffic under somewhat poor conditions takes the enjoyment out. When this last relic of the Roger Wilco days ( some of you might not have been born when that was in effect) falls, so might my interest return in pushing vi
  12. Thanks for the detailed response on this Ross. Here´s to hoping this issue can/will be solved sooner rather than later.
  13. Thanks for the replies, Johnny, please be more careful how you use quotes in replies. I didn't write what Nick said The correct quote is: It seems VATSIM continuing to support software for such a long lifetime may be hurting the organization more than helping it if it's literally holding back progress. I doubt I'm the only one who can't bear the roger wilco protocol anymore.
  14. Not sure if i'm performing a cardinal sin here by reviving such an old thread, but I guess I´ll take my chances. Have there been any new updates regarding improved voice codecs? The ancient roger-wilco like voice quality, especially the lag keeps me from getting back behind a scope. I just can't deal with it now that I work on the airwaves from day to day. Is there any light at the end of this tunnel?
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