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  1. Hi, Managed to get my "I can not see other planes" problems sorted and that worked last night but now i logged on again and when i did Connect on xPilot 1.3.14, xplane crashed. --=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: as_xconnect}==-- I guess as_xconnect is to do with Active Sky XP connecting to xplane11. Problem is that I have ASXP installed but it was not started when this happened. Seems to be a problem downloading metars as well: 0:24:22.905 E/NET: Download failed with http error: 404 for URL http://lookup.x-plane.com/_lookup_11_/weather/wafs/ 0:24:22.971 E/W
  2. Hi, Thanks for your suggestions. Got it to work actually 🙂 Uninstalled xPilot AND deleted the xPilot folder in Resources/plugins. I had already unistalled swift but still had the filder under Resources/plugins. I deleted it. Restarted the computer. Installed xPilot 1.3.14 Started xPilot and configured the PTT Shut down xPilot Copied the Bluebell CSL folders to Resources/plugins/xPilot/Resources/CSL Started xplane 11 Configured the CSL path from the xPilot menu inside xplane11 and selected yellow labels for airplanes. Shut down xplane 11. Restarted the computer Start
  3. Hi, I reinstalled xPilot 4 times. Same problem. I can try again but this time delet the folders under plugins as well Br /janne
  4. Hi, I was having disconnection problems due to low frame rate so i updated from xplane 11 ver 11.42 to 11.50b9 (Vulkan) and ever since i have been having issues. First thing that happened was that my Zibo mod lost it's wings. Whn i looked at the plane from the outside , the wings were missing. I could still fly the plane. I updated to xPilot but now xplane 11 just crashed either immediately after i started xPilot or a few minutes later. I found a new xPilot version 1.3.14 and updated to that and i don't have crashes but ever since i am unable to see any other aircraft. I have
  5. Hi, Yes! Was using the Germany server. When the problems started a few days ago I switched to the UK server but had the same problem there too. Tried now again with the UK server and now it works. Thanks for the help. Excellent!
  6. Hi, 3 days ago we had some bad weather where i live and the internet was knocked out for the day. Luckily enough i could use my mobile as a hotspot so we could reach the internet and i could logon to Vatsim. I use xplane11, Active Sky XP and Xsquawkbox. This meant that i was using another IP address than i normally use. After a few hours, the internet was restored so i logged out from Vatsim and then logged in again. Now when i started xplane i see a messagee about something that the IP address not found on this NIC os something to that effect. Can't check now as i am in the middle
  7. Hi, I have also noticed this issue with people not stating their intentions on Unicom and it's annoying as hell sometimes but I also realize that since we don't have any mandatory "pilot certificate" on Vatsim, it will continue to happen. It could be that some people are "hand flying" the approach part and don't feel it's convenient to start typing text. To have voice on Unicom I think would be fun to listen to but it would be a total mess with people hogging the frequency with irrelevant discussions. Some would start telling others what to do etc.... Unless the voice range can be lim
  8. Hi, At least in Europe some people use https://www.flightradar24.com to see real traffic and which runway is used in RL. If there are no ATC online and the winds are not obviously pointing to a particular runway, I will check flightradar. Hopefully there is an arrival or departure you can track to see which runway they used. Best Regards / Jan
  9. Hi, Currently making a flight on Vatsim connected to the Sweden server but i can't get any metars at all. Anyone else have this problem? known issue? Best Regards / Jan
  10. Hi, I like to fly smaller GA planes and small/medium size turboprops. I fly mostly in Europe and I use xplane 11. Are there any virtual airlines that allows me to fly for example Piper Archer/Arrow, Cessna 208, 690B Turbo Commander, Pilatus PC-12, King Air C90? Perhaps a charter server or small cargo, this type of thing. Best Regards / Jan
  11. Hi, Not at the moment. I have xEnviro installed but I does not have it turned on because when flying on Vatsim, it can not depict the weather very good. For example there can be broken clouds at 200 feet and 600 meters visibility or it can be VV200 but with xEnviro and Vatsim weather it's CAVOK in the sim. Flying offline xEnviro is ok though. BTW, this happens approximately 5 times on a flight ESSA-EGLL with fairly even intervals and it's about 50/50 if the altimeter is going to show too low and want to climb or too high and want to descend. Best Regards / Jan
  12. Hi, Yes, I remember that FSUIPC had some setting for this. I have XPUIPC installed actually but i cant find any setting for this. I have a popup menu in Xplane for XPUIPC but all i can change is XPUIPC performance settings , tune up , tune down. No idea what that is Br /Jan
  13. Hi, When the air pressure at the ground is high such as today (QNH 1030 - 1040 over Europe) and i making a flight from ESSA to EGLL. Approx 2 hrs 20 mins. I am cruising at FL380 on Standard QNH 1013 and I have experienced several times that suddenly my level changes from 38000 indicated on the altimeter to 37200 but also the other way around from 38000 to 38800. The drop in altitude is not so bad as the plane has to climb back up but when i am suddenly at 38800 my xplane 11 Zibo Mod dives at 5000ft /min to get down to 38000 again and if i am cruising at Mach .80 i am entering the never e
  14. Thanks, That covers Moncton/Gander FIR's. Anyone knows where i can find charts for the other FIR's ? Best Rgs / Jan
  15. Hi, I am doing a round-the -world flight from ESSA to ESSA westbound in a PC-12 and i wanted to cross Canada but i can't find any available IFR approach charts for Canada. I searched this forum and found this link: https://fltplan.com/ The post promised free Canadian charts so i I registered and managed to log in but i cant access any charts. I normally try to access each countrys AIP and Canada's AIP is here : http://www.navcanada.ca/EN/products-and-services/Pages/AIP-current.aspx It has all the info except the charts Does anyone know if Canadian approach charts ar
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