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  1. Was it the fly-in itself or a "post-event" that did it to you?! lol. Great job again guys.
  2. Here's another *possible* (meaning, in theory, it could happen, even though I'm a 10 hour PIC in real life and probably don't know what I'm talking about) explanation. I read several airline pilot blogs and have seen on numerous occasions them describe trying to meet crossing restrictions. Example: http://flightlevel390.blogspot.com/2005/01/dark-to-dark.html Approach clears them at 15000 feet for the 25 mile visual approach. Remember that Flight Sim doesn't match RW visual quality. Maybe this is more of a standard practice. Ideal for MSFS pilots? No, but sensible for a
  3. I know how everyone feels about someone bringing up an "old" thread........ BUT.... I feel I must encourage other folks to join us on the next flight. I flew the leg today (my first with the group) from KPGA-KGCN. A great flight through the Grand Canyon and some great airmanship from the 8 pilots (I think that was the number) in attendance. Tower came online as we got close to KGCN and did a great job handling all our approaches as another pilot did circuits in the Wright Flyer (among other aircraft types). Flying at FL360 is fun, but doing the VFR thing at 6500 in a small group
  4. I am using MSFS2004 and Squawbox 4 (I had the same issue using SB3). MSFS has the "download winds aloft" box checked, and I'm flying online, so it should be Squawkbox weather that appears. However, I never indicate the reported winds aloft. For example, overflying FLO today at FL370, I had winds of 190/13. The winds aloft forecast from aviationweather.noaa.gov was 2529247 for FL340 and 259056 for FL390. Is this an issue that Squawkbox doesn't download them? Is it a technical problem somewhere else? Maybe the downloaded winds aren't from the NOAA site? Thanks for any help or
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