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  1. Code of Conduct section A17 The first sentence is a general ban on recreating flights, the second is the specific callsign reference. Both parts need to be considered
  2. Only basic copy/paste unfortunately, however most of it was likely information contained in our Pilot Resource Centre. Take a look there, and if you'd like to learn a little further you can always get help through one of the many Authorized Training Organizations that provide pilot training! Welcome to VATSIM!
  3. You could create an alias for it to be something like .cm or similar, and put whatever text you want it to say.
  4. Also, unless VATSIM changes their current server setup this cannot happen. VATSIM clients do not pull from the live server, but rather via an automatically generated status.txt file which shows the location, altitude, etc for each connection. That is only written every so often, and can only be accessed to update a display program at a corresponding rate. To get live data, you have to be physically logged into the live server
  5. Again it's important to know what model of B738 you're referring to. If it's a default-type model, or a payware which models the systems more accurately. Presumably based on your questions of "from GPS to NAV" it's a default aircraft system. In that case, you would want to switch to HDG hold once you're pointed toward the intercept point (usually as Mark said it 2000ish AGL and 10 miles, but check the charts for your particular airport). You would then verify that you're receiving the correct station on your NAV1 radio (via the Morse code IDent or the displayed alphanumeric code if you hav
  6. Are you trying to follow the ILS to land maually, or perform an auto-land with the ILS? Navigating via the ILS is relatively straightforward, however if you're trying to let the airplane land itself it requires a more complex aircraft and sometimes special procedures depending on the aircraft you're using.
  7. Disregard, I RTFM'd again and realized there was an all in one for elevation data.
  8. That's an interesting program that I hadn't known of before. Just a question I have that hopefully you can answer Andreas, for the GLOBE data do I need to download each tile for the world or get the consolidated source file?
  9. Haha shameless plug (but seriously it's leaps and bounds better than what XSB offers "out of the box" especially for newer members. If you did not see any messages, and did not receive an email to your registered VATSIM account (check SPAM just in case) then it was likely either a timeout with the client or server you were connected too. If you were disconnected by a supervisor then you would have received an email stating the reason why your connection was terminated.
  10. It is frustrating to fly and be doing "what you're supposed to" as far as monitoring and transmitting on UNICOM...while dozens of other people are not. However, I'd submit that you should make yourself an example instead of being part of the problem. This (people not transmitting critical flight information) is something the network is currently looking at, currently transmissions are not required by Code of Conduct...but that is subject to change. Will voice UNICOM help? Maybe Will there probably be people who abuse it? Definitely Unfortunately we see people "forget" the purpose of U
  11. I am currently part of 1 that requires the flight time, and another that encourages it for "bonus points". It is interesting, but I have to say I find it takes away from the realism rather than enhances it for me.
  12. In the message or command line type .msg (callsign) (message) and it will then open a new chat if I recall correctly.
  13. Actually following up on what Ross put...what are you trying to use as your PTT? If I recall there are some keys that won't recognize as PTT due to conflicts in the SIM/computer.
  14. One common issue that brings this up is 1) do you run P3D as an admin, and 2) is vPilot similarly set to run as an admin on launch (or is launched as an admin manually). Also, and this may be unnecessary to ask but are you tuned to an active ATC frequency? Voice is only permitted to tx on ATC frequencies as the controller "creates" the voice room during our connection process. So no ATC, no voice as it stands currently.
  15. Many addon aircraft set their "default" frequency. I believe Majestic uses 118.600, and it's either Aerosoft or PMDG that uses the 128.300.
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