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  1. Same thing at MSP last night with a VRB wind - VRB06G20KT. Screenshot attached of the error received as well. vATIS_Merged, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null ============================================================ Culture : en-US OS : Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0 Framework : 4.0.30319.42000 Time : 04/11/2020 21:36:22 ------------------------------------------------------------ Details: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at by.n(DecodedMetar A_0) at bm.a(DecodedMetar A_0, bp
  2. I've ran about 5 streams since these issues (also upgraded to the new client on the 1st) and it's gone away completely. No issues to report as of now anymore. Not sure if it was a combination of changing priority of AFV in the Task Manager, adjusting some cooling settings on my fans and the new updates to the client... These all probably contributed a bit, but all seems fairly well now.
  3. I'm having similar issues working Minneapolis Center on vERAM and streaming via streamlabs-obs to twitch. Brand new MSI GL73 laptop. i7-9th gen processor, GTI1660TI, 16 gigs of ram, etc- I'm not easily convinced that computer specs are the issue at hand with this type of issue. I'm not noticing a hugely significant increase in CPU/GPU usage while this is occurring either. Working Minneapolis Center requires 56 transmitter locations with AFV (as of now) in order to effectively work top-down and hear everyone that you need to around the airspace. I seem to do fine up until around 2-3 hou
  4. Just had this issue surface on a new machine (for both vERAM and vSTARS, although the error was slightly different in vSTARs presented as "Could not initialize SoundManager"). If anyone else runs across it, make sure your machine is on the latest version of Windows 10 (I was on build 1809 and just completed the upgrade to 1909) and re-run the installer making sure to check the box to run the "Direct X Update" in the installer - It should work after that.
  5. Certain this is directed at me. You've been overly arrogant since you've gotten into the FAA Shane... I won't say more than that but honestly. This entire conversation has been taken way out of context regarding the nature of what occurred in ZMP. I have way more positive feedback to counteract the statements made above. Number two, I'm obviously not real world and we all try to have a good time on here and, yeah I like to drink and hang and be a _real_ person when I stream 2-3 nights a week ATC... Most people have a great experience flying in. You and I need to talk privately to resolve what
  6. Apparently next to the callsign on the left side of the Fence is a comm indicator that shows when pilots on are frequency, looks like a small wifi symbol when the pilot is on, nothing displays when they are not on. Ex: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6lhspbjykyn592h/commindicator.jpg?dl=0
  7. Sounds good Ross. The information I was able to obtain speaking with a friend in the field tonight: "The fence is an upsidedown "L" essentially that runs along the entire side of the left and top of the datablock. It can be toggled on/off. Most controllers have it off just because they aren't used to it so no change=good. The purpose of it is to be able to provide a divider to the eye between the datablock and the other info that they are now placing outside the fence. Currently, the stuff outside the fence consists only of the "R" if you don't have track control of the aircraft, the a
  8. Wondering if anyone can provide any insight into the new "Fence" line that was recently implemented into ERAM and if there might be any plans to incorporate this in a future update to vERAM? I've only heard some limited information it. Thanks.
  9. I use the Kensington Trackball myself. Always prefered it while controlling. Only time I really use it though. https://www.amazon.com/Kensington-Expert-Trackball-Mouse-K64325/dp/B00009KH63/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1481163994&sr=1-3&keywords=Kensington+Trackball
  10. Lots of reasons to use two frequencies at once... Would be nice if the volume could be adjusted independently, however.
  11. If you want the PTT, that's the one to go with. I run joker for the PTT, set as a ghost key so it doesn't interfere with the keyboard (F24 virtual key). They way I can type and talk simultaneously. Also use a foot petal in combo with the PTT. Set to the same virtual key so I can interchange between the two. http://www.delcomproducts.com/productdetails.asp?PartNumber=703600-SM
  12. I concur with the general opinion of most here. Weather has been something I've wanted to see for a long time on scope. Even if it's not 100% accurate, adds a degree of realism that would enhance the experience.
  13. Yep, clicking on the datablock appears to enable and disable dwell... Thanks, AJ
  14. Fantastic program, addicted... 100%. Fully reminds me of my days training on the system in school. Love the realism it provides. One things I've noticed, and this is very possibly me making some sort of mistake, is that LDB's will occasionally display highlighted brighter than normal (this sometime even occurs with FDBs) as if the dwell function is permanently enabled on the aircraft for some reason. Can't seem to figure out how to disable that or what might be causing it. Any suggestions appreciated. Regards, AJ
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