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  1. So just to echo Brad's original post here. I have the exact same issue. Running 4 displays hooked up to the GPU, if a secondary display is on a monitor outside of the primary monitor, it will hang and be unable to load into the desired ERAM profile/video maps. Doesn't matter what configuration I have the monitors in, does it on every profile unless everything is all on the primary display prior to exiting and restarting ERAM.
  2. I finally moved over to my new PC build and was able to get my 1:1 aspect ration monitor to 60hz refresh rate on the main PC GPU (no longer using an external GPU for any monitors). I am still running into ERAM freezing up if the window is even slightly off-screen, the entire program locks up on initialization of the video map I wish to load. I'd be willing to revisit investigating this at some point with you, Ross, if we can do that. Regards, AJ
  3. I've decided against moving my EIZO monitor onto the external graphics card, there are other issues with other programs I run that is not making that an appetizing switch to make. Just going to wait until I build a new computer to get that monitor back on a 60hz refresh rate. Thanks for the information Brad and Ross, however. Just wanted to provide an update.
  4. Getting a lot of errors with vATIS recently, audio doesn't seem to work more often than not. Usually have to reconnect it every hour to get it to cycle properly so pilots can at least obtain the text ATIS. Any word on a longer term solution for these issues?
  5. I'll be in touch next week, will have to swap the square monitor onto the external card again, would definitely be better to have it running at 60hz if I can get it to work with ERAM and STARS.
  6. This is still happening on a fairly consistent basis where the voice portion drops out. Any word on a solution? Regards,
  7. Similar issue to report, slightly different circumstances. I'm running three displays off of an MSI notebook (two are via the graphics card and one on a USB external graphics card). I've been attempting to get my EIZO 27" 1920x1920 monitor to run off the external graphics card as I can run it at a refresh rate of 60hz compared to 30hz. Was able to get vERAM and vSTARS to initially startup on it, but same hangup would occur on future restarts (running primary scope on the square monitor and a couple of secondary displays on another monitor 1920x1080 resolution). I gave up and moved the square b
  8. Shouldn't be an issue using the Victor airway for light aircraft, we have to drive into the TRACON at 4,000 or 5,000 (typically depending on direction of flight) for satellite traffic during day-time operations per LOA.
  9. Hey Dan, I was working Minneapolis Center last night when this occurred. I made a mistake thinking your route took you over OLLEE on V218 - That's entirely on me for not double checking that. In the future, definitely ask for clarification if your getting an instruction that is contradictory to your cleared routing. See you next time. Regards, AJ
  10. So the new navigational equipment information is causing issues with the first line of data blocks becoming incredibly cluttered with all of the data (there was apparently no limit to characters placed in this field, an oversight I assume). Is there any way we can get someone to fix this to convert to FAA equipment codes? It's an added task to have to clear all of that up in the flight plan editor using ERAM. I'm certain I can't be the only one experiencing this issue as of late. Regards, AJ
  11. Same thing at MSP last night with a VRB wind - VRB06G20KT. Screenshot attached of the error received as well. vATIS_Merged, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null ============================================================ Culture : en-US OS : Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0 Framework : 4.0.30319.42000 Time : 04/11/2020 21:36:22 ------------------------------------------------------------ Details: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at by.n(DecodedMetar A_0) at bm.a(DecodedMetar A_0, bp
  12. I've ran about 5 streams since these issues (also upgraded to the new client on the 1st) and it's gone away completely. No issues to report as of now anymore. Not sure if it was a combination of changing priority of AFV in the Task Manager, adjusting some cooling settings on my fans and the new updates to the client... These all probably contributed a bit, but all seems fairly well now.
  13. I'm having similar issues working Minneapolis Center on vERAM and streaming via streamlabs-obs to twitch. Brand new MSI GL73 laptop. i7-9th gen processor, GTI1660TI, 16 gigs of ram, etc- I'm not easily convinced that computer specs are the issue at hand with this type of issue. I'm not noticing a hugely significant increase in CPU/GPU usage while this is occurring either. Working Minneapolis Center requires 56 transmitter locations with AFV (as of now) in order to effectively work top-down and hear everyone that you need to around the airspace. I seem to do fine up until around 2-3 hou
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