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  1. Just tried to connect to the VATPAC site , and got the message that the account has been suspended. Any ideas on this ?
  2. We are on our way to KSFO , looking forward to flying in American airspace !! Ross
  3. I have to agree with you Larry , sometimes a reboot cures a multitude of FPS evils !! Ross
  4. 250GB a month? Thats 57 full DVD's (4.4GB) , or nearly 2 a day!! I use netmeter , it tells me exactly how much I have dowloaded , and gives a good indication if there is any unauthorised activity on my computer. It also keeps a daily , weekly and monthly tally of my downloads and uploads. Any data for online flying , ATC , weather , voice etc is minimal. You will use more data on UTube than you will on the VATSIM network. Ross
  5. Cast your minds back 3 years , and see what was available then. We ran FS9 pretty well , these newer components will handle FS9 with ease !! That fan uses 1.56W , so wont impact on the PSU at all !! Ross
  6. Try not to get too carried away with the Frame Rate issue. If the motion you percieve on your screen is smooth , whether at 20 FPS or 200FPS , thats what you want , smooth !! I prefer to spend my flying time flying , not looking at frame rates !! Ross
  7. Hello Paul , Exactly what kind of problem are you having ? Ross
  8. Hello Joseph , If you are using Squawkbox , go into the options tab , and make sure the SB Live option is selected for receiving and transmitting. It may be that you have the cruddy MB sound card selected . Ross
  9. When considering a new machine for FSX and Vista , be aware that these are both resource intensive programs . To achieve what you want in relation to Frame Rates ( and more importantly smoothness) you will need to throw a fair bit of money at it . Dual core CPUs are good , Quads may be better. Look at 4 GB of RAM , and the best GPU ( video card ) that you can afford. Also , sometimes the most expensive isnt always the best choice. Perhaps ask some questions in the Gaming Forums for a better idea of what may work for you . Ross
  10. Yo may need toreinstall the ASX cloud and light textures. They may not have copied over correctly when yu used the backups. Ross
  11. Performance updates are all about matching your CPU , RAM and GPU ( Video card ) . If one of these doesnt match ( interms of data handling capability ) then you will create a bottleneck , which will slow the transfer of data. For example , a 1.5GB CPU with 2GB of RAM and a 512MB GPU will be bottlenecked at the CPU . Change the CPU to a 3GB unit , and it will "fly" ! Ross
  12. It could be a heat issue , make sure all fans /heatsinks are free of dust . Ross
  13. Specifically this page : HOW TO INSTALL AIRCRAFT Ross Moir[/url]
  14. If you fly in windows mode , try starting SB3 from the Modules section of the menu bar. Ross Moir
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