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  1. I won't use it. I just don't have 110MB RAM free to just run Skype. I think Skype is the wrong way to go with GVCCS. It's proprietary, it's bloatware, it's slow,... It has perfect sound quality and low bandwidth usage, yes, but I am only starting it if I have an appointment to meet on Skype. On my 'controlling' laptop with an overall of 740MB of RAM? I cannot afford running Skype in parallel to more important software like EuroScope, .pdf-charts and Firefox to check the forums , sorry - it is either Skype or other software for me. Others in Langen keep using it and GVCCS-profiles are floatin
  2. I would say it's worth a try. I guess the URI is formed with ts3://... and of course depends on TS3 having registered this protocol with your OS.
  3. Absolutely good news. For me, just another reason to change to X-Plane when the new version comes out (and after I bought a decent PC for that).
  4. Have just tried again after reading that you are happy with Wine Under Ubuntu 11.04 (window manager metacity, no compiz; soundmanager pulseaudio+alsa) and wine 1.2 I experience the same window size oddities as Martin. Maximize does not work but can be circomevented by setting the display size by right click on the maximize button (the left half/right half etc. thing). I guess the proprietary EuroScope window border and resize logic is probably hardly to integrate into a different window manager than Windows. You can freely move the window around by ALT+mousedrag, but it only changes si
  5. I do also think it would not make much sense. And it would be an option prone to be wrong-used. If you climb or descent an [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umed aircraft through your altitude filter and it suddenly disappears: Wouldn't you think it must have disconnected? I think such option would lead to problems.
  6. +1. It is basically simple to see that the technical infrastructure is structurally aged to any one having a bit of insight.
  7. Jake, I tried them and I guess for those waiting for such a "cycling" Type/Cleared Level/Final Level field as in VRC, the Combined Info Field is just what they ever wanted in EuroScope Really nice work! I am still looking for a really simple indicator showing mode C yes/no. Just an *, filled block, C, / or something else to use in the ground modes where this information is not available. PS: plugin needs .dll's present in the EuroScope main directory, so if it doesn't work, copy the DSRTags.dll there or the .dll's to the plugin's directory
  8. The sector file format is just lat/lon .... the magnetic variation has no impact on that. The same sector file data could be used, it would just have to be rotated on screen by a different amount depending on where the scope is centered. Yes, that's how I meant it: Don't count on sector files because they won't help. You need to choose another approach. Sector files don't stop you from implementing it somehow different, but they won't help.
  9. If somebody else needs it: I have written a "strange Lat/Lons" - function in QuteScoop: The ARINC 424-format functions: https://qutescoop.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/qutescoop/trunk/QuteScoop/src/NavData.cpp const QPair<double, double> *NavData::fromArinc(const QString &str) { // returning 0 on error QRegExp arinc("(\\d{2})([NSEW]?)(\\d{2})([NSEW]?)"); // ARINC424 waypoints (strict) if (arinc.exactMatch(str)) { if (!arinc.capturedTexts()[2].isEmpty() || !arinc.capturedTexts()[4].isEmpty()) { double wLat = arinc.capturedTexts()[1].toDouble(); double wLon = arinc.captur
  10. On the EuroControl forums it was said that the BoG was aware of a server issue not taking the visual range set in the controller client. They promised to work on it - I guess ES is not the problem here. On EuroControl _FSS-sectors, we use remote visibility centers to reduce the traffic seen. If we don't, disconnects occure and it is practicably impossible to control. But as I said, the problem is probably in the servers. Maybe the issue could be raised again to people in charge?
  11. Jake, which Tag Items does it include? Unfortunately, no ES on this machine to try it out. I read something about "mode C readout", so I would like to use this in the ground modes where I still miss this information.
  12. Problem is, it is not in the .sct/.sct2 file format so another approach would have to be taken.
  13. I would also support this Only cleared items should be in there, so it is a good thing to require user interaction there. Same for runways + SIDs, please. For events, I was helping myself with adapting the .ese file so that no automatic match to runway/STAR would occur, but I guess this is a general aim for most of us.
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