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  1. wow! 50-80 fps If I am lucky I get 30. The average is more like 15 though and I have the same card. I run FSX on Vist 64bit with 4gb RAM and a intel2 quad Q6600 @ 2.4ghz... must be doing something wrong...
  2. Mike, Patience...good things take time. The idea is good but I would improve on some things. (that's just my opinion you understand). 1. Title: when I read that, my first thought was that this is only for Piper pilots and I was just about to move on... 2. Timing. I live on the left coast. So, Saturday mornings at 10:00 am I am out grocery shopping. You may want to tweak that 3. Be happy if you find 2 or three other flyers at first. That way the whole thing is more manageable and you can learn from the experience. 4. Marketing. Make sure you take pictures during the flight and post them
  3. Tom, If you are happy with Dell, why not ask them what they would recommend? i would start with that route. Hope the Yukon is ok Regards N405HT
  4. Tom, I used to order from Dell which was ok. Then I discovered cyberpowerpc.com and bought my last two gaming PC's there as well as a Laptop. I find they have more to choose from, you can built the PC exactly as you want it, etc... Just my opinion. (..and no, I have no financial or other stakes in the company). Regards N405HT
  5. Hello, Is anybody going to the Abbotsford Airshow next weekend? Regards N405HT
  6. Hello Harold, Thank you for your reply. I use the same source as you for my charts. I have charts from about 5 dozen airports. And yes they do state on each chart the dates from when to when they are valid. The loop4 that I have for example is valid until jul 3, 2008. Trust me I do not have a reminder in my calender to dwnld the new chart on jul 4. This version looks to me exactly like the one prior to this one and to that one and so on. When I decide to fly I check where there is ATC available, then load my saved flightplans, saved charts etc for the specific flite. If they are out of d
  7. Harold, Thank you for the heads-up. Much appreciated. I was surprised by the changes last week when I filed the Kepec 1 and was told it's now Kepec 2! (that had me stumped for a moment as I did not know if I was even dressed correctly for a Kepec "2")... Anyhow it brings up some questions: a) how often do these things change? (and I don't mean a new monthly release that is identical to the previous chart) b) why is there no service that one can subscribe to and have the updates sent automatically as they happen? Kinda like: please send me updates for KDEN, KSFO, KPSP etc Also please
  8. Nice Article. Almost as entertaining to read as listening to the "live" broadcast. Hope not too many people read it as that would certainly diminish the entertainment-value somewhat... Regards N405HT
  9. Ran into the cable with your lawn-mower did you?
  10. As a pilot I think the new rules are great. (sorry to get back to the original topic..remember on page one?). From now on no more parking close to "Golf" and asking for an intersection departure just to make sure I do not get lost. No sir, I am selling my navi, tomtom, garmin or whatever that little thingy with the buttons is called and will expect detailed taxi instructions from now on. I also do not agree with KS's statement that APP or CTR cannot learn all the airport diagrams under his control. Come on Keith, if you don't have at least 20 aircraft to control you sound too routine or bor
  11. The other day I noticed a Controller shutting down right after I landed. Hmm, I thought, that was lucky timing. This happened another three times with different Controllers in different regions in the Western US A in the last little while and after the 2nd time it happened I caught on. This was no lucky timing, the Controller waited UNTIL I was done. Wow! This realization simply blew me away.Talk about courtesy! I never expected that. Of course I am not the only that happens to, but one seems to notice only when one is directly involved. In my book this is definitely listed under the “go
  12. Isn't March 8th just a tad early for spring in Winnipeg??? Regards N405HT
  13. Wade, Thank you for your response. I appreciate it and will try and heed your advice and grow some thicker skin. Keith, While I agree in principal with you that this network is for learning, education and fun I disagree that the Sceenshot forum is the place to do it. It is a forum to display screenshots. Just my opinion. Yours may differ, which is ok. However, after your critique, the original poster explained what happened. This was then followed by someone’s seconding your opinion. Not sure what that was all about. Did he question your ability to get your point across? Or was th
  14. I found Anthony’s answer extensive, informative and certainly complete enough to get anybody flying in US airspace. Especially since the original poster really asked about ground movements only. Oddly enough it took 24 hours to formulate the first answer but only 2 hours to start with the criticism thereafter. And there-in lies the problem as far as I see it. Why would anybody in his right mind even try to help anybody here while risking the chance of being ridiculed by those who find the time to be critical but not the time to answer the questions in the first place? Somebody being pro
  15. Jim, Thank you for the quick reply. I will leave everything as is then. Again, thanks. Regards N405HT
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