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  1. Welcome to Fly and See Santa 2020! Fly and See Santa is the biggest annual Christmas event in VATSIM skies and is held at three airports in the northernmost part of Europe. Snowy landscapes and slippery runways greet you during this magical event at Rovaniemi, Tromsø and Kiruna, which we hope you will enjoy as well. All three airports are located in the beautiful nature and wilderness of northern Europe. During December, the airspace is crowded with santa flights with passengers excited to visit the North. Before starting the trip to the Northern skies, make sure to visit our fancy a
  2. This year's edition of Fly and See Santa we are introducing a booking system. The intention is to try and spread the traffic during the whole event time frame which is 17-23z. The booking system is set up so the pilot can book an arrival slot into either of the event airports, departing from anywhere on the planet. The booking system will open for reservations on Saturday 5 December at 12:00z. And close for further bookings on Saturday 12 December at 16:00z. Book your arrival slot here: https://booking.vatsim-scandinavia.org/ For more information about the booking syst
  3. On Saturday 12 December from 17-23z VATSIM-Scandinavia invites you for this year's edition of Fly and See Santa. Fly into either Rovaniemi (EFRO), Tromsø (ENTC) and Kiruna (ESNQ). Since this event attracts a fair amount of pilots we highly recommend you to bring a lot of holding fuel. Don't forget your favorite bevarage and candy onboard since it will most likely be a long night for you. Due to the excess traffic on some airways you might get rerouted to optimise the traffic flow. Make sure you are familiar to re-program your aircraft accordingly. Visit our Santa Web for pilot b
  4. And the winners are: RYR59E - Oscar Johnsen (1460771) (EFHK Scenery) SAS718 - Ben (1438411) (EFHK Scenery) IBK267 - David Solesvik (1341101) (Other Scenery) FIN122 - Teemu Tuuri (1529272) (Other Scenery) If you are the lucky winner, please send an e-mail to martin.tornberg[at]vatsim-scandinavia.org. If not, I will try to find you!
  5. Most of ESSA traffic will go via Icelandic Airspace.
  6. Deon, can you guys edit this event to 16-21z instead. There was a mistake from my side on the start time of the event. The correct time frame is 16-21z. Thanks!
  7. It's time to discover Trondheim Værnes! Make sure to fly from, to or at ENVA on Sunday the 22nd November between 17 and 21z! Together with Aerosoft, we're giving away a free copy of the newly released Aerosoft Værnes for MSFS to a pilot that discovers ENVA! And as usual, controllers will be ready to give a top-notch ATC-service! ENVA is a connecting hub for many travellers around the area. Namsos, Sandnessjøen, Mo i Rana and Rørvik, to mention some small places Trondheim is being connected to other cities such as Oslo, Bergen, Bodø, Tromsø, Gdansk, Copenhagen and many more. Helitrans
  8. (I know the new way of posting, however it doesn't work yet for our vACC)
  9. The Danish controllers is inviting you to Denmark and Copenhagen on 29 November from 16-21z, for an exciting and busy evening of flying. Take your favorite aircraft out of the hangar and join in for a fully staffed Kastrup (EKCH) and excellent enroute coverage. Whether you choose to fly longhaul with SAS or a short VFR flight from Kastrup to Roskilde, the controllers will make sure you will get professional ATC service. If you choose to participate, we want that you take your charts with you and we encourage you to visit our briefing page to get more information on how to fly in and out
  10. This is on Sunday! Can someone from staff please check on the calendar, it looks like it was published for September 18. Thanks!
  11. On Thursday 8 October from 17-20z, VATSIM-Scandinavia needs your help as a pilot in Finnish airspace. It's Harri Laitinen that is up for his C1 CPT. Help us by flying in and out of Finland's airspace in order for the candidate to earn his C1 rating. As always when it comes to the major C1 CPTs you can also expect ATC staffing at EFHK together with enroute service. We hope to see you flying on 8 October from 17-20z. Charts and Briefing
  12. This is tonight, we hope to see you fly in and out of Keflavik!
  13. On Sunday 18 October at 16z, it is time to do some cargo ops. The Swedish controllers will be staffing Landvetter (ESGG), Sturup (ESMS) and Örebro (ESOE) and possibly other airports on an ad Hoc basis. Take this opportunity to explore the different regional airports that Sweden has to offer and some different kind of flying. If you don't have a clue what to fly, you can visit our dedicated booking page for this event where you can book a certain flight that you fancy. The flights found on the booking page is taken from a day in the past and should give you a somewhat accurate flight
  14. This is tonight, we hope that you will join in for the fun!
  15. On Sunday 4 Oct, it's time to pack your bags and head for Oslo-Gardermoen. The Norwegian controllers is inviting you for a fun and busy evening with a fully staffed ENGM together with excellent enroute service. Whether you choose from a Widerøe turboprop or a Norwegian Dreamliner, we will make sure that you have a brilliant time when visiting Oslo-Gardermoen. Please remember to bring your charts, which is available free of charge from the Norwegian AIP. We hope to see you on Sunday 4 Oct between 16 and 20z. Briefing and Charts
  16. On Sunday 20 September between 16-20z, you will have the chance to experience a fully staffed BIKF including excellent enroute coverage. VATSIM-Scandinavia hope that you will join in for a fun evening of flying in to Iceland's major airport. The choices are plenty when it comes to what kind of flying you can do. Take your favorite GA aircraft and explore the dramatic landscapes or do a shuttle to and from mainland Europe. Or why not fly an Icelandair B752 from Keflavik to the US? Either what you choose from, we hope that you will enjoy this event on Sunday 20 September. Since I
  17. VATSIM-Scandinavia would like to welcome you to a series of domestic shuttles throughout our neighbourhood. On Sunday 6 September we are inviting you to Oslo-Gardermoen (ENGM) and Bergen (ENBR). Join us for a fun evening of flying in Norway on Sunday 6 September between 16-20z. Remember to have your charts with you, which is available free of charge. Charts and Briefing
  18. On 30 August between 18-20z, we would need your help to let Magnus Meese earn his C3 rating at ENOR_S_CTR. Take your favorite aircraft and fly VFR or IFR, the choice is yours and enjoy a fun evening of flying. Remember your charts and if you are new to Norwegian airspace, we recommend having a look at the pilot briefing page. See you on Sunday 30 August! Charts and Briefing
  19. This is starting shortly, we hope that you will join in for a fun day of flying!
  20. Dear all fellow VATSIMmers. We are super excited for the fourth annual installation of our grand event, Copenhagen LIVE 2020. For the fourth year in a row, all our brightest and best Danish controllers will take to the keyboard, all gathered together, and deliver a full 16 hours of service from 06z to 22z. Last year we passed 600 movements, and we need your help to beat that! And have we put together a GREAT program this year! As always, we have a lot of super cool competitions, giving you something to fly for, with gifts from major developers such as Vidan Design, FS2Crew, ORBX and
  21. On Saturday 15th of August at 14-20z, VATSIM Scandinavia and Finnish controllers invite you to join us and experience the heat of HEL at Helsinki Airport (EFHK) in Finland. You can expect excellent coverage and top-quality ATC from a virtual control room as Finnish controllers meet up in real life for an exciting live event. You can discover the beauty of Finnish summer by flying some domestic hops with all of Finland staffed, or perhaps take your favourite heavy bird for a ride further away. If you're lucky, there's a chance you'll also experience a parallel approach when coming in to la
  22. This is tonight, we hope that you will join us flying between EFHK and EFRO.
  23. VATSIM-Scandinavia would like to welcome you to a series of domestic shuttles throughout our neighbourhood. On the last weekend our Danish controllers would like to invite you to a shuttle between Kastrup (EKCH) and Aalborg (EKYT). Join us for a fun evening of flying in Denmark on Sunday 16 August between 16-20z. Remember to have your charts with you, which is available free of charge. Charts and Briefing
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