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  1. At last, it worked this morning. And there is voice on 122.80.. I talked to the app controller on it. Anyways, I guess there as noone there last night even though the controler seemed online. Another question I have, I went to israel, and at night airports are so dark and un lighted. Is there better scenery out there to help me? I have the global scenery on x-plane 9, i got the airports but it shows nothing at night except the runway lights. Also, do you know of any terrain awarness system addon? Thanks, Gil
  2. Hi guys. thanks for the reply. Ill download those server utilities, and yes, my mic works even in the xsquawkbox setup and so does my headset. i am using the webcam mic, and a sony recording studio headset. I was planning just to try and see if it works, and when it does, i will move on to the headset/mic combined. So what other reason could there be, is it supposed to be that easy., just install, setup, log in, and put in the freq? i will try the 122.8 frequency later on today and see if i get a response. if you guys have anything else or anyone else who can help, i w
  3. Anyone using xsquawkbox with x-plane v9.x? I installed it, and it looks like it is working fine. I also forwarded UDP port 3290. I connected and it shows it has connected, and then i switch to a frequency in the online list of USA-W. Move my a/c to Santa barbara and try the atis freq which was also written in that list or tower and nothing. I did radio check, when I clicked on the button, i see the transmit icon, so that is going well, but i hear noone.. Please help?
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