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  1. Hm, the command for the main visibility center should be .vis (without the 1), so if you used .vis1 for LGTS and then used the .vis2-.vis4 commands to put your other centers (outside the visibility of LGTS) and have scrolled outside the range of LGTS (which then sets your not yet set visibility center 1 to your current centered position) then it could be possible that none of your visibility ranges reach the range of LGTS_TWR and _ATIS but reach the range of APP so that controller is the only one you see. If it is this behaviour it should help to use .vis instead of .vis1 (which works for me
  2. Don't know really. The script has created a site especially for the browser visiting. So maybe you are safe with your combination in general... Especially for the euroscope website you are now secure, because there was a new temporary page uploaded which is clean.
  3. Some additional info for all of you... I have made a abuse report yesterday evening for the subdomain from where the malicious code was downloaded, and now I've got an answering mail that this subdomain and also the account holding this subdomain was deleted Hint: the domain was been masked with xxxxx by me.
  4. I can confirm that the currently online temporary site is clean, also the linked files are clean. But Todor you should check the second link in the temporary site, it is wrong, there is the path "install" missing.
  5. For everyone without a current AntiVirus Solution with IntrusionDetectionSystem: DO NOT GO ONTO euroscope.hu at the moment. At every site is an hidden iframe embedded which loads malicious code from webfrogs.ru. For the Beta-Testers, the forum is currently clean, there is no attack (the warning can be ignored there - but this counts only for the moment.) I will inform Gergely via PM in this forum, too.
  6. For the connection via .occgsconnect you will need the occgateschedule.php The gateschedule.php is only an example for a webinterface to the user, but for the interface to the occ plugin the occgateschedule.php is the right one. So if you made the same adjustments which you made to the gateschedule.php to the occgateschedule.php then .occgsconnect http://www.vacc-cz.org/admin/occgateschedule.php;user;p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] should work.
  7. Interesting idea, would be nice if you add this as a new (feature) ticket to the project site at http://es-pluginworld.nilshillmann.de/projects/occ/issues/new (with tracker feature) If all controllers are connected to the same gatescheduling web-interface, yes! So every controller with the occ plugin open has to use the same url for the .occgsconnect command and then they should be synchronized via the webinterface (eventually with a delay of 1-2 minutes (belongs to the refresh rate chosen at the clients - for the refreshrate see the docomeentation))
  8. You should reorder the separators, The separators are printed top-down so you should order them by the lines where they should be printed.
  9. @Tom, so feel free to contact me I will be online via skype this evening again, Nick fundancerbhv I can help you (because I am the maintainer of the OCC Plugin and developed the new versions.)
  10. Hehe, and i know this problem. Don't know why Latex is adding the spaces in the PDF. In the source of the docomeentation PDF there aren't the spaces. Maybe I should put a remark for that in the PDF.
  11. Hi Pavel, are these additional spaces made by you or by the code environment of the board? If I put the following into a file it works: DisplayTypeName:OCC View DisplayTypeNeedRadarContent:0 DisplayTypeGeoReferenced:0 PLUGIN:OCC view:AIRPORT:EDDH PLUGIN:OCC view:FINAL:2 PLUGIN:OCC view:LINES:39 PLUGIN:OCC view:TOPEMPTY:40 PLUGIN:OCC view:BOTTOMEMPTY:60 PLUGIN:OCC view:LEFTEMPTY:60 PLUGIN:OCC view:RIGHTEMPTY:60 PLUGIN:OCC view:ELEVATION:53 PLUGIN:OCC view:MAXALTAGL:500 PLUGIN:OCC view:INTERESTALT:10000 PLUGIN:OCC view:EXTENDEDLINES:45 PLUGIN:OCC view:COLS:3 PLUGIN:OCC view:SEPARATOR1:5:1
  12. Currently in Beta, but only for the Beta-Testers of Euroscope. (Uses functions in a new pluginlibrary version.) For more info look at http://es-pluginworld.nilshillmann.de/projects/vdf Will be online as a beta (but only usable for Euroscope Beta-Tester) asap. (Eventually final release for Euroscope Beta-Tester at this weekend)
  13. Gergely would be a nice thing to add it to one of the files. Have the same problem here too, because I also use more than one PC while controlling. And the proxy server ip is the only thing I don't get saved. All my instances at the PCs are opened by scripts so fully configured, only the proxy on the first PC was not found by the instance of ES on the second PC.
  14. Like I mentioned before, I thought about that would be a nice idea for a version 2 of the GVCCS So not this release of version 1. But this idea will then solve the problem Mark currently have.
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