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  1. Problem solved. vPilot model matching uses AI aircraft. Glad it does since I have tons of AI aircraft in my hangar ... no more default 320!
  2. I use vPilot and wonder if model matching uses AI aircraft from the "Sim Objects\Airplane" folder.
  3. FSX-SE, Flight Sim Commander - airline traffic display 0%, logged onto VATSIM but AI aircraft still appear. How do I stop them from appearing. Not FSX default AI aircraft. WOAI. AI is great! love flying with it when not online but ... Thanks!
  4. thanks for the reply! If I knew how, I'd certainly do it! Perhaps somebody with the necessary skills will read the post and create one.
  5. I use a very enjoyable addon for AI - AITT2FSX (Genix) - which presents, for the airport where you are, arrival and departure information. It looks exactly like one you'd find in a realworld airport. You can also add your own flight which will be posted on the board. Is there any comparable software for VATSIM?
  6. After the BitDefender ransonware blocked vPilot, I contacted them and had them download the app and see what happens. BD responded that they had analyzed the situation and decided that the trojan warning was a false positive. In their words: "The situation seems to be a false positive.The issue is caused by the fact that vpilot.exe tried to make changes to the C:\Users\Public\Docomeents folder. Bitdefender ransomware protection protects this location, and will not allow any applications that are not trusted to make changes there. In order to resolve this situation, until we solve t
  7. Well, now, I'm confused! I tried to uninstall vPilot using the Control Panel but it didn't uninstall; i.e., all of the files were still in the folder. I launched it again and the path error didn't happen. Flying along now from UBBB to ORMM with vPilot running. ... hope my luck holds out!
  8. Nope, FSX not installed. I've been using vPilot without a problem. When I first got the error, I'd been using an IL-18 and then switched to a Fokker100. Perhaps it's the IL-18 causing the problem since it's not a common aircraft. I'm going to reinstall vPilot and see what happens. Thanks, again, for response!
  9. Using Win10, FSX-SE. Many hours of enjoyable use of vPilot when model-matching update scan halts boot up with the following unhandled exception error: "Access to the path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\vPilot\ModelScanResult=Fsx.xml' is denied". I hadn't added or removed any aircraft since the most recent successful use (less than 24 hours ago). FSX-SE is installed on a different drive but I've had no problems of this sort. If I could disable model-matching, I would but with the error message I can't proceed to use any of the settings ... vPilot is locked up. ... looking or solutions. th
  10. thanks, Luke, and all! just completed a flight from KSAN to KPHX with vPilot and all went well! It must've been some quick update yesterday that left vpilot.exe vulnerable for a short time. glad it's resolved!
  11. Well, I don't know what to say ... I just went through the exact steps I'd done yesterday - downloaded the vpilot setup from metacraft, scanned it using BitDefender (clean), launched the setup (no problem this time), launched vPilot, connected to VATSIM, ready to fly! I'm totally confused as to why BD put me through so many changes yesterday. Since nobody else responded with similar problems, I can only presume that there's some glitch in my system (Windows 10, GeForce 1080, etc.). Now I can enjoy Mr. Carlson's great creation! Thanks, again, to all who responded!
  12. thanks for the reply! upon further investigation, I learned that BitDefender labels any file that seems to go too deep in making changes - Trojan.GenericKD. When I restored the file, Trojan.GenericKD became vpilot.exe. Then, I uninstalled what was left of vPilot and cleared the registry of any "vpilot" object. Finally, I downloaded vPilot again from metacraft but on installing got the message that "vpilot.exe" couldn't be found! Another curious aspect, the default location for installation is in local/appdata ... but when I went to local, I couldn't find the appdata folder! It's property h
  13. Thanks for the response! I'm using FSX-SE and had launched vPilot, connected, filed a flight plan ... a while later, I tried to check some info on vPilot but couldn't. The only thing I'd done was launch FS Commander after vPilot. "vpilot.exe" could not be located anywhere on my system, even after re-installing. The virus detected is Trojan.GenericKD4332392. I have the option of recovering the allegedly infected file. BitDefender's anti-ransomware is detected it.
  14. After using vPilot frequently, just now the shortcut could no longer find the .exe nor could I searching my drives. I'd tried installing earlier versions but got the same error message. I downloaded the most recent version from metacraft, tried to install, and got the same error message. I have no idea what could've changed in the past 24 hours to cause the disruption. Any similar experiences or suggestions? Thanks
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