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  1. vPilot will not now recognize my aircraft code of HU16 as it had before the last update and edition of FLAi models. A search for a resolution has not been successful. Thank, KJ
  2. Just thought I'd drop this here to see if anyone is familiar with this person(s). They are using some AI models without permission. Using the excuse that they are unable to contact the original authors. And the fact that they are using the name "vPilot" makes me a bit curious. http://vpilotai.boards.net/
  3. I've downloaded and installed the latest beta. I can see ATL_1_CTR online even though I'm near St. Louis. And the radio is not tuned to ATL CTR. FSX Gold Win7 Home 32bit Thanks.
  4. I'm unable to find a way to start vPilot on the tablet. But I can access the file folder, on the tablet, by using Explorer on my PC. I'm able to start vPilot, and the interface shows up on my PC.
  5. I have been successful in getting vPilot to run from my Android tablet. I did a radio check with live ATC to confirm that it works. The problem I have is that I must activate from Explorer on my PC as I have not yet found a way to activate it on the tablet itself. At this time, there is no advantage to using the tablet unless I can start vPilot on it.
  6. I'm in the process of moving files to my Android tablet that is hooked to the pc via USB cable. Hopefully simconnect will work with this set up. I'll let you know.
  7. Is there any way to add vPilot to a tablet, as one might with another computer?
  8. Oh believe me, I checked my PW many times...LOL. I rebooted my old toaster and vPilot works fine now.
  9. Unable to connect. I've changed servers. I've retyped my new p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word, and proof read it. The "connect" button does not light up. [13:37:36] Attempting simulator connection... [13:37:37] vPilot version 1.0.5336.37473 [13:37:37] Connected to simulator. [13:37:37] Network server list downloaded. 10 servers found. Edit: A reboot of my computer has fixed this situation.
  10. I know this won't be a high priority. But those of us with tired eyes might appreicate it if we were able to change the text color in the client.
  11. I did not have some of the latest updates from WoAI. So I would recieve errors stating that I was missing a particular aircraft model. After downloading and installing the latest packs, these errors disappeared.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply Ross. I'm in training right now ....LOL. I continue to add AI models and rule sets as indicated by the client.
  13. Does this include your computers volumn setting as well? And remember, FSX will have a volumn setting of it's own found when you open the mixer.
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