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  1. That's the problems with forums - they become so messy. But yes, some admin should at least unsticky this. For something still being actively maintained I'm running https://aviation.allanville.com/ where you can find charts - and it's crowdsourced. Some links are dead but anyone can submit updates.
  2. I know, I don't go through them all constantly and some I haven't been able to find updated links for. That's why I made it possible for other people to help contributing with updates. I have a link to that on the page as well and it's true, it's basically the same. But previously when I have looked at it there were several countries missing so therefore I kept my own - plus I have several other sections regarding flight planning etc. But maybe they are more complete now, so I'll review it once again and maybe just point to them for the AIP to different countries.
  3. Use http://www.aircharts.org instead of chartfinder.vatsim.net I'm also keeping an updated worldwide list of links to AIP in different countries at http://aviation.allanville.com/charts
  4. I have made a new list here that WILL be updated: http://aviation.allanville.com/charts Spread the word and help keeping it up-to-date!
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